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•At long last, summer has arrived! It must have been the advent of Father’s Day, but we did not have a decent weekend for nearly seven weeks. This past weekend brought us lovely weather for families to get together and celebrate! Since the coming weekend will mark the opening of the Village Pool, as well as many graduations, we’re very lucky that the nice weather is supposed to continue.

•Congratulations to Robyn Silvestri, who was appointed to the Village Board at the June 11 Village Board meeting. Robyn will be replacing Trustee Debbie Basile. I would like to congratulate and thank Debbie for her outstanding work as a Trustee in the past. As a new Trustee, I am certain that Robyn will do a great job.

•Last week’s column mentioned some of the summer activities, and I just wanted to clarify when the various Village Recreation programs get underway.

Basketball will start on Monday, June 25 at the Park Avenue Courts. Participants must be entering at least second grade this September.

Gymnastics begins Tuesday, June 26 in the high school West Gym. Participants must be entering kindergarten.

Tennis will begin on Monday, June 25 at the tennis courts on the south side of Park Avenue. To participate, students must be going into at least 4th grade.

The newest addition to the summer program is Science Fridays and students must be going into at least second grade. The location will be announced.

Call 631-669-1212 for further information.

Parents should understand that students are expected to attend all classes. Staff will be working in small groups and cannot supervise children who do not participate on a consistent basis.

•A couple of weeks ago I listed some travel tips. At this time of year, many will be traveling on vacation. I promised to add a few more tips, and they may surprise you!

If you spot a lower price on your hotel room, book it and then cancel the original reservation. As long as it is 24 to 48 hours prior to your check in, most hotels will allow you to cancel. But be sure to check your booking terms first!

When you make the hotel booking, try to get a room in the middle of the floor. They are usually quieter as they’re not near elevators, cleaning closets and vending machines. Also, if there is a special event (birthday or anniversary) mention it when booking the hotel. They will make a note about it on your reservation and you may get a free upgrade when you check in!

Don’t use the ice bucket unless you have been provided with a plastic liner. The unlined bucket can easily be a source of germs.

Keep in mind that bedspreads are changed only four times a year! You should remove it from the bed as soon as possible.

Don’t use room service. It usually is very expensive. Have food delivered from a nearby restaurant. Two sites, Seamless and Grubhub, will show you local eateries.

When planning your vacation, you may want to consult travel guides available from your library. Take advantage of AAA and other organizations that can help you plan your routes and help find places to stay.

•I just learned that Mark Tonsetic, who was a volunteer fireman for nearly 50 years, passed away on June 14. Mark was 89, husband of the late Helen, and father of six children. He was grandfather of five children and great-grandfather of six. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Happy birthday to Joanne Campisi, Todd Shaw, and Gary Brunjes!

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