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•Driving through Babylon Village after dark, one sees Main Street with the streetlights, the tree-lined streets and flower baskets. The one thing that draws one’s eye the most, however, is the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church. The Village looks lovely during all four seasons of the year, but especially so in the spring. We need to remember the people in the past who worked so hard to make Babylon a lovely place to live.

•I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I hope you did indeed stop to remember the men and women who died for our country and all that we owe them. The next time you drive into Babylon, and feel a sense of pride because you live here, remember that it is, to a great extent, the sacrifice of veterans that allows us to do so.

•Here’s an exclusive chance to show your support for wounded warriors by riding alongside them in Soldier Ride 2018 on Fri., July 20 in Babylon.

Only two rides nationally are open for civilian participation and 100 percent of the money Soldier Ride raises goes to help warriors combat stress recovery, get job training and counseling, be part of adaptive sports programs and more.

The Wounded Warrior Project has helped over 100,000 veterans with proven life-changing programs. If you don’t want to ride, there are several local participants you can support. A couple are listed on the unofficial “Babylon Village” Facebook page.

•I had the opportunity to attend the Celebration of Life for Dot (Dorothy) Campi on Saturday. I mentioned Dot several times in the past as one of my favorite people in Babylon. The crowd at her memorial, held at the United Methodist Church of Babylon, demonstrated that Dot was the favorite of many. She and Ron Campi put together a blended family of children who are all a credit to them. They came from all over the country to be at Dot’s send-off and numerous friends and neighbors joined them.

Although Dot had left Babylon to live with children in Arizona and California, Babylon was never far from her thoughts. She constantly sent notes and cards to let people know how much she cared, and came home to Babylon most summers for an extended visit. God bless you, Dot and Ron. Thanks for making Babylon your home.

•BOOK SALE – June 1 and 2 at the Babylon Public Library, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wonderful buys are available, so come one, come all! This is sponsored by the Friends of the Babylon Library.

•The Farmers Market will start on Sun., June 3.

•Happy birthday to Conor Freeman, Jeanne Scudlo Daly, Irene Morris and Janet Knight!

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