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•Mothers, you are incredible women. You put up with so much as a mother. No matter how great your children may be, every child has tested his/her mother’s patience many times. I was particularly trying, I think. As a child I was extremely sick much of the time, to the point that my parents were told that I would never see my teens. But to everyone’s surprise (and not always delight) I am getting to be an old woman. That is a result of the love and care I received.

I was not an easy child. In addition to being sick so much, I have always had a quick temper and a big mouth. I remember the night I ran away from home. I was about five, I think. I had argued with Mom over something and refused to kiss her goodnight. Dad usually let Mom handle discipline but this was serious enough that he stepped in. He ordered me to go and kiss Mom goodnight and to tell her I was sorry. I refused and said I would run away from home. “Then go,” he told me, and I remember stepping out the front door and stomping to the end of the front walk.

It was freezing out, and dark. I stood on the road in front of our house for only a couple of minutes, terrified by having my bluff called. Suddenly the enormity of my threat became real to me. What would I do? Where would I go? It didn’t take long for me to realize that not only did I love my mother but I also needed her. I went running back into the house and up the stairs to the small room where Mom had been sewing. She was still sitting in the same position as she was 10 minutes before when I had told her that I hated her and wouldn’t ever kiss her goodnight again.

I threw myself into my mother’s arms, sobbing an apology and telling her that I loved her. She held on to me until I finally stopped crying. I remember that she rocked me, soothing me until I was calm. After the storm had passed, I wrapped my arms around Mom and gave her a big goodnight kiss and a hug.

I am mortified to say that that was not the last time I told my mother I hated her. I wish now that I could take it all back. But you can’t do that. In spite of all I put her through, she was very generous in her love. I miss her every day and time has not dulled the sense of loss. But I did tell her many times how much I loved her, and I suspect that she always knew that, no matter how unloving I was. I really had no doubt that she loved me, although I know that must have been difficult.

So, if your mother is still with you, be sure to tell her how much you love her. Gifts are nice, but they can never compare to those four words: “I love you, Mom.”

•Spring seems to be quickly advancing. Mother’s Day is always the sign to buy and plant your flowers, although many tell me not to plant anything until Memorial Day. I bought a few plants, but have been waiting for warmer weather. I guess this weekend might be time to get some of those plants in. Many of my perennials have come up and some are blooming ahead of their time. I can’t wait to make sure that my gardens are planted.

•April and May seem to be the time for groups to hold teas. In the past 10 days I have been to two teas, sent tea sandwiches to a third and missed the special tea at the Conklin House. I love to go to teas, but wonder why they seem confined to the spring. Frankly, it seems to me that they could be held all year long. I’ll have more info for you on one tea next week.

•I am going to see “Guys and Dolls” at the Argyle Theatre this Friday night. The musical opens as the first play at the new theatre today, Thursday. I wish the tickets were for Opening Night, but hopefully there would be many other Opening Nights. Break a leg to the actors and actresses. I wish you and the Argyle the best of luck!

•Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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