2018-04-26 / Columnists

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•Alleluia! It would appear that some changes have been made in the plans for the Signal Building/Red Lion! Several men spent a good part of Monday atop the venerable building’s roof! A tarp now seems to cover the historical building.

Ever since the cottage south of the building was demolished a couple of weeks ago, a number of us have been holding our collective breaths. As more time passed from the day the cottage came down, it appears that Ken Rogers may have changed his mind about demolishing the Signal building. The appearance of repairmen today seems to indicate some sort of agreement may have been reached that will hopefully save the building.

I had a text from Ken Rogers a week or 10 days ago telling me that, as usual, I was wrong. Since I don’t have ESP and he does not return my texts, it was difficult to know how I was wrong. However, if the building is not going to be torn down, I have no regrets about being wrong!

On the day that the front building was demolished, Mayor Scordino posted on Facebook that in spite of best efforts to negotiate with Rogers, the building would be torn down. Several other people who were on site to watch the buildings be demolished exchanged sad comments about the proposed loss of the Signal building. The day was cold and raw, with a few showers. The demolition crew did not begin to work until after noon and finished the first building about four in the afternoon. They cleaned up the site and left. No one mentioned when demolition would begin on the rear building.

From the back porch of my home on Carll Avenue, I have a view of the second floor of the Signal building and every morning and afternoon I check to make sure it is still there.

As soon as I saw the men working on the roof on Monday, I called Mayor Ralph Scordino. I asked him several questions about the status of the Signal building and the mayor’s response was always, “I can’t say.”

Hopefully, he was unable to speak because there is a deal in the works.

Mr. Rogers, if you have changed your mind about destroying the historic building, I apologize! I have no qualms about apologizing if the building is going to be saved and restored. Hopefully someone will let the public know what’s going on in the near future.

•Sadly, a number of stores at the East End of the Village were badly damaged by a fire last week. The two stores at the very east end seem to be the most seriously affected. However, the Sherwin-Williams Paint store and South Shore Paddleboards both sustained a lot of smoke and water damage.

•The Argyle Theatre opened its doors officially last Saturday evening, with a Donna Summer tribute show. I understand that the show was sold out and that the crowd was delighted with the performance. Shortly before the doors were to open, emergency vehicles crowded the street in front of the theatre. Fortunately, the problem was a false alarm and the show went off without a hitch.

Congratulations to the performers and especially to Mark and Dylan Perlman! The Perlman father and son worked long and hard to make sure that this initial program was a winner. Patrons were delighted with the appearance of the newly renovated theatre and spoke enthusiastically about both the show and the surroundings.

The next show at the theatre will be Long Island Comedy in Babylon, on Sat., May 5. The first musical in the theatre will be “Guys and Dolls,” which will run May 10 through June 17. Tickets for future shows are available at ArgyleTheatre.com or call 844-631-LIVE (5483). I’m looking forward to seeing many shows at the beautifully enhanced theatre.

•Happy Anniversary to Rita and Steve Loudon, who celebrate 38 years of marriage.

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