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Paul Defendini tapped as new Superintendent of Schools in Farmingdale

Paul Defendini, left and John Lorentz, rightPaul Defendini, left and John Lorentz, right

By Tyler Buesching

With current Farmingdale Superintendent John Lorentz’s impending retirement at the end of the school year, Assistant Superintendent for Business Paul Defendini was chosen to fill the vacant slot in the school administration.

 “The Farmingdale Board of Education is proud to introduce you to our district’s new Superintendent, Mr. Paul Defendini,” Farmingdale Board of Education President Michael Goldberg said at a meeting last night, formally introducing the incoming Superintendent to the public for the first time.

 “This undoubtedly has been my dream, my aspiration for as long as I can remember,” Defendini said, taking a breath as emotions flooded him. “I’m blessed with not only an awesome family, but also an opportunity that absolutely excites me. I love Farmingdale; it’s my home; it’s always been my home; it will always be my home.”

 Defendini, son of Patricia and Archie, grew up in Farmingdale. His father taught math at Farmingdale for 33 years. He graduated from Farmingdale High School in 1997 and met his wife Charlene at Homecoming during his senior year. The couple has twins, Lily and Jackson, who are currently in the third grade.

 “Here’s the key to being successful as a Superintendent at Farmingdale – you gotta meet your wife in high school,” Lorentz said. “I met my wife in tenth grade French class, so that’s the common thread. Congratulations.”

 Defendini earned his Bachelor’s in English literature and secondary education from Hofstra University in 2002.  He also earned both his MS in Health Sciences and an advanced certificate in school administration at Hofstra in 2006. Furthermore, he is slated to earn his doctorate in instructional leadership from St. John’s University later this year.

 Defendini was met by support from family and friends who filled much of the room during the meeting.  Several members of the public congratulated Defendini for his new position, and Lorentz for his retirement, at the public budget meeting held at Weldon E. Howitt Middle School.

 “First of all, congratulations to John Lorentz on retiring, it’s been a good run,” one Farmingdale mother said. “Congratulations to Paul on your new position, I’m sure you’ll be wonderful.”

 “Thank you very much for this opportunity, and although I will make mistakes because we will be taking some risks, there will never be a lack of effort or commitment to try to do the right thing by the kids and this community in total, so thank you for the opportunity,” Defendini said.

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