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•I had a long, leisurely lunch with my oldest friend last week. Funny, but no matter how much time passes between chats, after a few minutes I feel as though it’s only a week or two that intervened. Friends from childhood seem to fall into this category easily.

•Speaking of friends from childhood, I heard some terrible news today. Connie Harrison O’Shea passed away suddenly this past Sunday. Connie was two or three years younger than I am, but we met in school. Connie was one of those people everyone likes. She married one of my nicest classmates, Chris O’Shea, another person I’m always happy to see. Together, they raised two lovely daughters. Connie also served as secretary to the athletic director at Babylon High for many years.

Services will be Thurs., March 8, and Fri., March 9, at the Boyd-Spencer Funeral Home on West Main Street (Montauk Highway). A funeral Mass will be held at Saint Joseph’s Church on North Carll Avenue at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

•A friend and I went to see a new movie, “Game Night,” on Sunday. I didn’t know much about it ahead of time, but enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s the story of a group of friends who challenge each other to play games on a regular basis. I have friends that I do this with. Many of us are quite competitive. (I play bridge and Mah Jong weekly.) Parts of this movie are hysterical and I suspect that many of you will enjoy it.

•Now that the Oscars are over, I find that there are a number of movies that I’d like to see. “Get Out” is a horror movie and I don’t generally like those any more, but after reading an article about it in New York Magazine, I’d like to see this. I tried to see “The Shape of Water” before the awards, but it seemed to be scheduled very erratically recently. Now that it took the Best Picture award, I am hoping it will be shown in more theaters. Up till five years ago, we were blessed with having three movie theaters within easy driving distance. Now I find myself having to go to Deer Park and Farmingdale. Listen to me complain… three quarters of the country have to drive 50+ miles to get to a movie house! Nonetheless, I’m going to try and find out when the West Babylon Theater will reopen! (Wouldn’t it be great if they still charged $5???)

•Have you noticed that the marquis for the Argyle Theater has changed? I can’t wait until that opens! It shouldn’t be too long now!

•Speaking of the near future, don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday! At some point next week, the sun will still be up at seven o’clock! I look forward to that, although I hate the idea of missing an hour’s sleep this weekend!

•I found a couple of tips for you. Are you tired of all the junk mail you get? Here’s a way to get rid of some! You can put a stop to most unwanted credit card offers: call 1-888-5OPTOUT (888-567-8688) and stop receiving credit card offers in the mail. It’s good for five years and for all three consumer reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can also do this on your computer at https://www.optoutprescreen.com/.

Now there is also a way to stop a lot of, if not all, junk mail (the kind the mailman delivers). I’ll try to get that information for you in the next column.

•Happy birthday to Diana Paxton Karbowiak, William Sadousky, Berk Swezey and Ralph Scordino! Have a great year, one and all! Check this out: Bill Sadousky asked family and friends to make a donation to the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center Fund, Inc., in lieu of gifts! Nice move, Billy! Go to his Facebook page if you’d like to make a contribution!

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