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•I’ve got a couple of small purple crocus coming up in my yard… can spring be far behind? Heaven knows that although we’ve had lots of gray skies and rain, the weather has been very mild for what is usually the snowiest month!

•Belated congratulations to the Babylon Rotary, and especially Past President Megan Noble, as well as the 300 volunteers who put together no less than 70,000 meals for the local food banks and the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

More than 40+ percent of the school-aged children in the Town of Babylon are eligible for free and reduced meals. That figure is probably on the low side, as older children usually will not sign up for meals due to not wanting to stand out! Fifty six thousand meals will go to shelters and food banks within the town. Fourteen thousand meals were sent to Puerto Rico, where many people are not back in their homes and many of those who still have no electricity.

Volunteers came from as far away as New Jersey to help package the meals, which consisted of rice and beans, as well as macaroni and cheese. This project, which is continuing from last year, is called Babylon Ends Hunger. It is hoped that this event will continue.

•The Babylon Burger Bar, located at One West Main Street (the northwest corner of Main and Deer Park Avenue), opened its doors two weeks ago. Owners are Richard Bedrosian and Roy Feicco.

A good friend and I stopped in for lunch on the first day the Burger Bar was open. We both ordered bacon cheeseburgers, and found them to be just as we ordered. The fries came in a cute little basket like the one you actually fry them in, and were nice and crispy. We both left with half the meal because it was so filling.

I came back a week later and tried the cheeseburger sliders, which also come with a small order of fries. Again, half came home because I was full with just one small burger!

Owner, Richard, told us that this first month is a trial-and-error period and that he would be changing the menus when they knew what people did and did not like. Most meals ranged between $15 and $20, and the sliders were $10. We wish them lots of luck.

•Well, the Olympics are over. I have to admit I am not one to watch sports. I do watch skiing and skating primarily, and this year, like so many Americans, I watched the curling. While I still don’t completely grasp all the rules, I am very proud that the American team came in first!

Did you know that there has been a Long Island Curling Club for the past 10 years? They have more than one hundred members that play regularly! Our Olympians performed well on the whole. I was almost happy to see other countries won more medals, because the USA seems to always win! Certainly our teams did us proud anyway!

•Speaking of South Korea, which seemed to do a good job on the Olympics, I was talking to a friend who originally came from there. He brought up the “Me, too!#” movement, which has apparently raised quite a ruckus in South Korea! Women there have taken the movement to heart, and just like here, a number of politicians have been unmasked! My friend was surprised when I explained that sadly, sexual harassment and assault seem to affect all layers of society. He wondered if that was something new because he had never heard about it in the older generation.

I explained that it has always been true, but that victims in the past were so mortified by it that it stayed under the table. I also explained that many workingwomen felt they had to hide it if they wanted to get ahead.

For many years I have said that I thought that one way or another, I suspected that at least 75 percent of women here have been exposed to it. While I am fortunate that it never happened to me by anyone I knew or worked for, I too have been a victim, both as a girl and a commuter on the LIRR and subway. When I first started working and commuting, I was embarrassed and kept it quiet. But by the time I stopped commuting, I had stopped allowing it to happen to others or me. I would chastise the individual loudly and in the subway, would stomp on their feet! (And I weighed a lot more then! LOL).

I am delighted to hear that women all around the world have spoken up! At the same time, I wonder what about the people that have been accused and are innocent. I feel certain that there are a few such people, while I also feel certain that most of the accusations are valid. Sadly, how we are ever going to vindicate the innocent, I have no idea.

•As most of you are aware, Easter falls on April Fool’s Day this year. I do not recall that happening before, but suggest those that like jokes put them off a day or two this year!

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