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Former Lindenhurst Village Administrator throws hat into the ring to run for the board

Elections set for March 20

By Carolyn James

Former longtime Lindenhurst Village Administrator Shawn Cullinane has gathered 200 signatures to run on an independent line for a seat on the Lindenhurst Village Board.

Cullinane will square off against Trustee candidates Patrick Pichichero, and incumbent Maryann Weckerle who are seeking two four-year seats on the board. The two candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be seated.

Also running unopposed for an unexpired two year term on the board is RJ Renna. In addition, Michael Lavorata is running for an unexpired two-year term for Mayor and H. John Bopp is running for a four-year term as Village Justice. 

No one is running on the Democratic line.

Cullinane said he decided to gather signatures to run because he believes in giving voters a choice and that it is time to end major party influence in the Village.

“Lindenhurst is only one of 33 villages to run on major party lines,” said Cullinane. “Having independent parties allows people from all walks of life—democrats, republicans, and independents—to get involved in local government.”

Republicans said that they also believe in ensuring that everyone has a chance to be involved in government, and that a political challenge is one way to make that happen.

“I believe challenges are good,” said Renna. “This is coming from a guy who was the challenger two years ago. I am impressed with my running mates because they are not afraid of new ideas and reached out to young people and families.”

"A challenge is always good," agreed Lavorata in talking about Cullinane's candidacy. Cullinane had worked under Lavorata when Lavorata was a Trustee,  but the two had a falling out when Lavotata was appointed Mayor by Mayor Tom Brennan, who stepped down.

"Despite that, I am sure that whatever the outcome of this election, we will all work together for the benefit of the people of Lindenhurst Village," said Lavorata. "And, if Shawn is elected, I believe we can put our differences aside."

Pichichero is a new face on the board. He is a lifelong Village resident and graduate of Lindenhurst Schools He is a self-employed home improvement contractor, working primarily on the North Shore. He served on the Planning and Zoning boards.

Weckerle was elected to her first public office as Lindenhurst Village Trustee in March 2006. She was re-elected in 2010 and was appointed as Deputy Mayor in March 2017.

Cullinane is also a lifelong Village resident and worked as Village Administrator for 30 years. He is an attorney and is running under the Better Lindenhurst party line.

Election Day is Tues., March 20. The polls are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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