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Lindenhurst Village GOP nominates candidates

Election set for March 20

Candidates pose for a photo following their nominations by the Republican Party.Candidates pose for a photo following their nominations by the Republican Party.

by Carolyn James

An enthusiastic group of Lindenhurst Village Republicans nominated Village Mayor Michael Lavorata as their candidate in the upcoming elections set for Tues., March 20. Also nominated for three seats on the board were Maryann Weckerle, R.J. Renna and Patrick Pichichero. H. John Bopp was tapped for Village Justice.

The caucus, chaired by Richard Burke, was held Mon., Jan. 29 in the Lindenhurst Rainbow Center. Weckerle and Bopp are incumbents, seeking four-year terms. Lavorata, a former Trustee, was appointed Mayor last year when Mayor Tom Brennan stepped down. He is running for Brennan’s unexpired term of two years.

“Thank you for 13 years as your Mayor,” Brennan told the group as he stood to nominate Lavorata. “Mike has done a fabulous job as mayor for ten months and I proudly nominate him,” he said, getting a solid round of applause.Former Mayor Tom Brennan as he made nomination of Michael Lavorata for Village Mayor.Former Mayor Tom Brennan as he made nomination of Michael Lavorata for Village Mayor.

“I humbly accept this nomination; it is an honor,” said Lavorata after he received unanimous support from his fellow Republicans. “I am thrilled that you want us to be your leaders, but as I look around this room I see real leaders—people who care and work to make this Village better every day. I will work hard to earn your faith and trust.”

Appointed to fill the unexpired two-year term of Lavorata was Renna, who is now seeking election to that seat.

Pichichero is a new face on the board. He  is a professional builder who formerly served on the Planning and Zoning boards. He is seeking the seat currently held by Darrell Kost who is not seeking reelection.

Semi retired when he accepted the post on the Village slightly over four years ago, Kost chose not to run again because of the demands on his business following Superstorm Sandy, said sources. He is professional engineer.

The Democrat, Conservative and Independence parties did not hold caucuses. However, other candidates have until Feb. 13 to file petitions to run on an independent line. Petitions must include the names of at least 100 registered voters.

Shawn Cullinane, the Village’s former longtime Administrator said he is considering running as an independent, but has not made a final decision.

“My  concern is that we have a situation now in Lindenhurst where all parties are converging and there is no challenge and no choice for the voters,” he said. “That is a problem.”

Renna, who ran as an independent candidate for the board two years ago and lost, said he would welcome a challenge.

“I believe  challenges are good,” he said. “This is coming from a guy who was the challenger two years ago. I am impressed with this party because it was not afraid of new ideas and reached out to young people and families. I am very happy that they have now nominated me for the board.”

Election Day is Tues., March 20. The polls are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.



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