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•Well January has been busy for the Village. The Mayor and a group of parents have formed the BVVC…The Babylon Village Volunteer Corps. Part of this is a result of parents expressing an interest in having their children take part in community service projects, working with the Village government.

Any Village resident can be a volunteer, and any resident can request the services of the BVVC. In any Village, there are people who need help with certain things at times. It might be someone who needs to have their snow shoveled or their leaves raked. Perhaps they need help with walking their dog or bringing books back to the library. Need has nothing to do with a person’s financial position.

I have signed up as a volunteer, and I have also signed up to have my dog walked from time to time. (I am unable to walk any distance and although I walk the dog in my yard 3-4 times a day, she needs a real walk from time to time.)

The BVVC is open to adults and children volunteers (children must be accompanied by an adult when performing a task). If you wish to join the volunteers, call the Mayor’s office at 631-669-1212. The same number can be used if you need something done or know of a friend or neighbor who can use a little help.

This is a wonderful idea, and I hope that the people of Babylon will join and make use of this. The phrase “It takes a Village” does not just refer to children. I applaud the people who have put this group together and look forward to its success.

•In another task, Babylon Village and the Beauti-fication Society want you to start telling them why YOU love living in Babylon Village! This “Home Is Where the Heart Is” contest is open to all Babylon Village residents, one entry per household please! Don’t forget the deadline...VALENTINE’s DAY, Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. Winners will be announced on Fri., Feb. 16. How do you enter? Call Village Hall to find out at 631-669-1212. Remember, your entry is limited to 60 words!

•There has been a flurry of recent birthdays, so I would like to send best wishes to: Aaron Stein, Gus Fishel, Donna Jeansome, Mary-Ellen Macaluso, Judy Skillen, Darrel Ford, Abby Kane, Keely Harris and Ted Skeffington.

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