2017-12-28 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

•Jim Peck and his fiancee, Roryann Feldman, are shown with their children, Santino and Lilly Marie Peck. Proud grandmother is Marie Peck. Jimmy’s father was the late Huntley Peck. Great-grandparents were well-known Babylonians, Lillian and Jim Peck. Santino is 4, and Lilly Marie is 15 months.

•I am writing this late on Christmas Night after spending the evening at my sister’s house. When I was little, my parents always held our Christmas celebration. In addition to our family of eight, another 20+ relatives might come and help make the season bright. I remember how envious I was of friends and schoolmates who had relatives who lived in Babylon. Today, two of my sisters live in the Village, and another is relatively close in Queens. Our brother, Rob, lives about four hours away in Saratoga. I am delighted to be able to spend the holiday with siblings without having to travel any distance!

Our celebration is much quieter these days…our numbers have dwindled to five, including all four sisters and our youngest nephew! But numbers are not what count, but rather the spirit of the holiday. This evening’s celebrations was warm and happy. We had a lovely dinner, topped off with an ice-cream cake to celebrate my birthday on the 28th!

I hope you all have enjoyed the season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Most of us acknowledge the New Year’s holiday, although some may also observe a religious new year too. Whatever category fits you, I hope that you will have a happy and healthy 2018!

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