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•Well, it seems as though fate wanted this week’s column published. I’m starting this at 12:37 a.m., after sending the editor a text telling her that my computer wouldn’t start. Although she had responded nicely, I’ve been in front of my computer looking at emails on my iPhone for an hour. Suddenly, to my surprise, the computer booted up!

•I was born three days after Christmas and have always been fascinated by every aspect of the holiday. I also love crafts and shopping and want to check out the holiday markets in New York.

I happened to spot a notice about a pop-up Babylon Village holiday market, so I called the number listed and asked for further information. It turns out that a shop will be opening up at 192 Deer Park Avenue from Nov. 24 thru Dec. 22. It supports local handmade artists on Long Island by selling their products for just the one month. They are looking for unique and fun vendors that have vintage swag, artwork of all mediums, ceramic artists, woodworkers, candle makers, pottery…anyone who makes handmade pieces and wants to share and sell their products.

Sponsored by Hitch LI & Pallet Refinery, the store offers local craftspeople a store to sell their products on consignment. If you would like to investigate this, email info.hitchli@gmail.com.

The holiday market will be open through the holiday season and has special promotions such as a late night PJ party, ugly sweater Christmas party, guest appearances and vendor-hosted parties upon request. I can’t wait to see how this novel idea works!

•Are you looking to volunteer or assist a group providing holiday meals this Thanksgiving? I noted an oddly named group: the BBQ Brethren and Turkeys Against Cancer are looking for donations and volunteers. Upon further investigation, I found out that this is a group of BBQ and grilling enthusiasts.

Organized by Eric Devlin, group members and other volunteers here on LI come together to prepare Thanksgiving meals for families dealing with breast cancer and families of homeless veterans. Working with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition and Services for the Underserved, they prepare Thanksgiving dinners at the Community Presbyterian Church of Deer Park.

The day of the event, Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Eve, you will see a small handful of the team on site at the church all day but the majority of the action will take place between 3 and 6 p.m. That’s when all of the food arrives from the volunteers. Each family meal (a small family of two up to large families of 12 or more) gets the stalwarts of Thanksgiving, i.e., a turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, then along with that are at least five side dishes, bread, three appetizers and two or three desserts!

They have teams of volunteers, some are cooks, some are dividing up the food into family-size dishes, some are packing the boxes, some are making individual meals for homeless veterans and some are coming in to deliver the giant family meals to the families that will be enjoying them. Eric’s months of planning become three or four hours of controlled chaos, which leads to incredible holiday meals for entire families without any stress on the family! If you would like to help, please call the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition at 631-893-4110.

•Happy Birthday to Bill Sharkey and Hapi Auer, as well as my lovely sister, Laura!

*A joyous Thanksgiving to all!

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