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Babylon News & Muse

•The Chamber of Commerce and the Village of Babylon did a great job with last weekend’s events in the business district. Of course, lovely weather helped quite a bit, too! I was disappointed to realize I’d forgotten to stop by the Conklin House to see the art show and buy apples. Usually I attend the reception on Friday night, but had to cancel, intending to go on Saturday or Sunday. The show features a lot of local artists and subjects and I always enjoy it tremendously.

•I recently found out that the Village Zoning Board of Appeals has not acted on Kenny Rogers’ application regarding the Red Lion and the building in front of it. As I understand it, the matter will need another ZBA hearing to clarify what the owner proposes to do. That means that if you have any input, pro or con, the ZBA will still accept letters regarding this issue.

•Don’t forget the Village Halloween Parade this Saturday, leaving from the Village Parking Lot on James Street at about noon. Children and their parents may march in the parade and then trick-or-treat throughout the business district from noon until 5 p.m.

•I was at Glen’s Dinette a couple of weeks ago, admiring the handiwork of a young woman who was painting the front windows with fall themes. I fondly recall the Chamber of Commerce used to hold a contest painting shop windows for the fall. This was many years ago, and the details are a little fuzzy, but I believe students formed teams and came up with designs they painted on shop windows. I’d love to see something like that revived!

•Have you noticed the changes? Both the First Presbyterian Church on East Main Street and the United Methodist Church of Babylon on Deer Park Avenue and James Street have been busy with all sorts of improvement projects visible to the passers-by. While I can’t enumerate all the changes, take a look when you pass by and you will note the fresh paint and other changes. I am sure that we all appreciate these lovely buildings, which add to the charm of the village.

•I just noticed that Cambridge University’s website crashed this week due to the number of people trying to download Steven Hawking’s 1966 Thesis. I have so much admiration for this man! In spite of having been disabled by a terrible illness, he has refused to let that hold him back. Apparently, in addition, he has a marvelous sense of humor. I’d love to talk with him, but I have to wonder if he wouldn’t be bored with me!

•Birthday greetings are sent to Dylan Ford, Jeanne Moran Lammens and Vinny Litrenta!

•Erna O’Connor, if you see this, thanks so much for the jam! Mmmm-mm! I lost your address, so can you send it one last time?

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