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•October is finally here, and the flu season is, too! Apparently, this flu is one of the more dangerous strains, having done a lot of damage in Australia during their flu season.

I got my flu shot in mid-September, as I prefer not to tempt fate. If you haven’t gotten your shot yet, this would be a good time to do so.

You don’t have to wait for an appointment with your doctor, as most of the larger drug store chains already have it in stock and will administer it, often at no charge!

The flu kills about 24,000 Americans, young and old every year. Senior citizens are more vulnerable, as are the chronically ill, infants and children. So please heed the warning and get your flu shots!

•On Friday, I had parked on Fire Island Avenue next to Norton & Siegel, when I happened to spot a new shop at 1 Fire Island Avenue. It is named F & M Goods, and carries a lot of old-fashioned items in their nice display window. I entered the shop and fell in love! A fairly recent trend in décor is called Farmhouse, and many of the items for sale seemed to fit into that category, from old Pyrex to enamel pans and storage jars. Like the items in the window, everything was nicely displayed and I immediately picked out a couple of things I wanted. Stop in and say hello to owners Lonny and Tracy! Or take a look at their page on Facebook listed as “fmgoods.”

•The Babylon Beautification Society announced it will hold a fundraiser for the repair and restoration of the Argyle Park waterfalls. It is called “Falls Fling” and will be held this Sun., Oct. 8, from 1 to 5 p.m. at Ristorante Gemelli. It includes a full buffet menu as well as unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. There will be live music by the Gallagher Brothers Band (no relation, as far as I know!). All funds raised will go to the Argyle Park Falls Restoration project.

Since the Parkwood Café closed, I’ve gone to Patchogue for German food. But I have heard of a new place in the Village that may be serving it. I will investigate it and report back to you next week! (I have a lunch date set up!)

•Last week’s column contained my complaint about our president spending his time tweeting angrily at football and basketball teams protesting the death of innocent blacks at the hands of police and inequality in our country. Part of my reaction to his tweets was the fact that he has 3.4 million Americans in Puerto Rico without water, food and shelter, but he had yet to comment on that because he was so busy sounding off about pro athletes participating in these protests. I have mixed feelings about these protests, but I also know that this country would never have been founded if it had not been for the demand for free speech and other rights. While many of us may not be thrilled to see pro athletes (and now others) protesting during the National Anthem, the U.S. Constitution gives them the right to speak and protest peacefully. As far as I can tell, there is no doubt that the U.S. Constitution trumps (pardon the pun) the anthem. As last week’s editorial pointed out, you can protest the protests by tuning out and not attending the games.

This weekend, the president played golf and tweeted that the Puerto Ricans were too lazy to help themselves, and that the mayor of San Juan was ineffective. The general who was in charge of the recovery in New Orleans (after FEMA botched it) had already said Puerto Rico had to have more than double the number of troops with feet on the ground as they’d had in New Orleans. He said that he had 20,000 troops in New Orleans and that Puerto Rico needed at least 50,000. Trump bragged about sending in 10,000.

•The leaves are starting to fall, and the smell of wood smoke provides a tang to the air at night. I have a brother living near Saratoga who was still swimming in his pool during the fourth weekend in September. He finally closed the pool and tells me they are now seeing a few areas of autumn color up there!

Many baby boomers will remember vividly the smell of burning leaves. Certainly I do. I loved to help my father rake leaves to the side of the road and burn them. The smoke wasn’t very good for my asthma, but I loved it. Unfortunately, burning leaves was eventually banned because it turned out that it wasn’t good for the environment, either. The generations that followed the baby boomers have no idea what they’re missing!

•Happy belated birthdays to Joe Cavarra, James Daly, Judy Skillen and Darrel Blaine Ford!

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