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•There has been a lot of response to the column from Aug. 10, most of it on Facebook. The majority of it was in favor of saving historical buildings, but there were a number of people who were not in agreement. Many are friends or clients of Ken Rogers, who has a construction firm in the Village. Some of them seemed to think that we were attacking Ken, which was not the intent at all.

But the question I have for these developers is why do they keep demolishing historically valuable buildings? There are any numbers of buildings that have no value historically… why not demolish those and build on those sites? How many of these homes and buildings that represent the heritage of this Village have to come down so these people can make a big profit? And how long will the Village government allow them to do it?

“Why don’t you buy them yourselves if you are so bent on saving these homes?” Several critics have asked this question. Have you been to Grand Central Station or the Cloisters? Developers wanted to tear them down to put up new buildings. Fortunately, people who were concerned with their heritage and community stepped forward and prevented such destruction.

Left to right, Christine Turner, Cindy Swan Clifton, Mary Gallagher, Belle Baxter and Molly Clifton at Tres Palms in a post-reunion dinner on Sunday. Left to right, Christine Turner, Cindy Swan Clifton, Mary Gallagher, Belle Baxter and Molly Clifton at Tres Palms in a post-reunion dinner on Sunday. We are not asking the Village to take over these homes. But we do want their value to all of the people who have lived and do live in Babylon to be protected. If you cannot see how much these buildings mean to the Village, then nothing we say will persuade you.

•There have been a number of reunions for old classes of Babylon High this summer, and my own 50th reunion took place last Friday and Saturday. What a wonderful time we had! Some of the class came to the Post Office Café on Friday night and enjoyed meeting for the first time in at least 10 years. Saturday afternoon Babylon High School Head Custodian Chris Davis gave us a tour and went out of his way to show us all the buildings.

Things have changed so much in 50 years, and yet so much was the same. The superintendent of schools was very thoughtful and provided us with cool water and a delicious coffee cake! Thank you very much, Mrs. Linda Rossi!

The reunion wound up Saturday night at the Babylon Village Pool with a BBQ catered by Babylon Village Meats and Molto Vino. Although the forecast was for rain, we got through most of the night without showers. When they did occur, they were relatively brief and certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of those attending!

•I was delighted to see one of my best friends, Christine Turner, for most of the weekend. After she attended services at the United Methodist Church of Babylon, we went to breakfast at Glen’s and then took the ferry to Ocean Beach. Christine, who has lived in Colorado for the past 30-plus years, finally got to dip her toes in the Atlantic for the first time in many years.

Then we attended a great party at the Babylon Yacht Club, and went on to meet Belle Baxter, Cindy Swan Clifton and her daughter Molly (who I have dubbed an honorary member of BHS Class of ’67) for dinner at Tres Palms.

The entire weekend flew by, and every minute was fun! One of the best things about reunions is that the cliques no longer exist, and everyone mingles and talks to all their old classmates. I can only say that I hope I make it to the 60th!

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