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•I hope that all of you had a chance to see June’s Strawberry Moon last week. The clouds finally cleared just enough to see the moon for the first time in a week. The moon seemed rather large and a reddish-orange color. A day or so later, I learned that the moon in June is called the Strawberry Moon due to its color!

•This weekend is Father’s Day. I’d like to wish all the dads out there a wonderful day! The change in fatherhood over the last several decades is amazing. When I was little, my father might bounce me on his knee and in a pinch, hold a spoon up to my mouth. Today’s father is expected to share almost all the housekeeping and child-rearing tasks with his spouse. I see as many men pushing baby carriages down the sidewalk as I do women. So congratulations to fathers out there for all you do to take care of your family!

•The Babylon Village Arts Council has put out a call for photos of baymen working on the Great South Bay. Many of the families that have lived in the area for generations have old photos of family members as they earned a living on the Bay. Check your family photos and see if you can find photos to be hung in Astoria Bank for the month of July. They don’t require phenomenal photos, just pictures of men working at a tough job, or shots of friends as they clammed, crabbed or however they earned their money on the Bay. Call Rose Norman (631-669-1810) if you have any photos about life on the Bay from the past 100-plus years. This display should give all of us “landlubbers” a good idea of Babylon when so much depended on the bounty of the Bay.

I suspect photos of people making boats and working on nets and other supplies would also be helpful. Kathy Herzy’s famous photo of the clammers in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, with their boats tied to one another in one enormous chain, should be part of the central theme.

•A Creative Dramatics Workshop for Babylon youngsters, grades 3-6, will be held at Babylon High School’s Rowe Hall. This two-week workshop will focus on improvisation, building new relationships, confidence and many life skills in a unique program led by Laura Albert. The sessions are July 10-13 and 17-20, 12-1:30 p.m. Contact Rose Norman for additional information or you can visit BVAC website at www.babylonvillagearts.org to download an application.

•I was lucky enough to join a recent cruise on the Bay in a paddleboat. This was a fundraiser for the Bayman statue and more than 100 tickets were sold. While the day was rather overcast with a few showers, everyone on board seemed to enjoy the tour.

•I have mentioned a valued friend, Dot Campi, in the column once or twice. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of living on Long Island, Dot moved several years ago to live with one of her daughters in Arizona. A longtime member of the local Methodist Church and a BHS graduate, as well as a devoted fan of the Babylon Panthers,

Dot hated to leave so many relatives and friends here. Dot suffered a stroke a couple of months ago. She has made good progress and is working hard at physical therapy and is now living with another daughter and her family in California. While she probably will not be able to respond, Dot would love to hear from her friends. Her new address is Dorothy Campi, 64349 Pyrenees Ave., Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240. Send her a note if you can find time.

•Happy birthday to Liz Kennedy and Maggie Shaw (aka the Henry Twins)! Also best wishes go out to Karl Seidenberg, Kevin McCaffrey, Irene Morris and Janet Knight!

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