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Public input on TriTec project extended to June 20th

Village holds hearing and allows residents to provide comments in writing

The Village of Lindenhurst is allowing two weeks for residents to e-mail or mail their comments or questions regarding a proposed local law to enact or create a Downtown Redevelopment District ("DRD) Floating Zone in the village.

The second round of a public hearing was held on Tuesday, June 6.  Residents will now have until June 20 to have their questions or comments placed on record before the village board votes on the local law.  A date for a vote has not yet been announced.

 Residents can write a letter to: Lindenhurst Village Hall, 430 South Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst NY 11757; or e-mail info@villageoflindenhurst.gov

 The full text of this local law is on file at the Village Hall.

 Watch an upcoming print edition of the Beacon for more on this story.

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