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•Today it is supposed to reach 90 degrees! Spring must have truly arrived. I remember as a student at St. Joseph’s School at this time of year we would start practicing for marching in the Village’s Memorial Day Parade. Practice would begin directly after lunch hour, at basically the hottest time of the day. All students from grades 3-8 would form relatively straight lines, using arms extended until our fingertips touched our neighbor’s shoulders. Then we would do the same with the person in front of us. We would practice marching in formation for about an hour for a week.

On hot days, one or two of the older girls would faint from the heat, causing lots of interest by ghoulish students trying to observe the events.

In our freshly washed and ironed uniforms, I thought we made quite an impression on the viewing public each year. The nuns and brothers would always bribe us by offering to cancel the following day’s classes.

On the day of the parade, my family and many of our neighbors staked out a viewing spot in front of Argyle Falls. Of course, our names would be shouted out as we passed and we would preen proudly and search the bystanders for our group. A minute later we would reach the band shell (there was no lovely gazebo back then) and be sent home at that point. We’d scramble over one another in an effort to get to our families.

•I wanted to clarify the info about the Babylon Bayman Cruise. It will be held on Sun., June 4 aboard the Lauren Christie at the Bay Shore Marina. Tickets are $25 per person. The sail will begin promptly at 1:30 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. Local baymen will tell informative stories about the Bay. To reserve tickets, call 631-422-6037. Tickets include beer and water, but people are encouraged to bring additional drinks, snacks and/or lunch. Tickets MUST be paid for by May 26. Only 100 tickets will be sold.

•This is the time of year when homeowners are trying to make sure their homes, boats and gardens look their best. I’m going to have my picket fence replaced soon. I’m so happy that I decided to paint the fence green to match my house trim. I’ve already gotten a lot of plants in the ground and last week’s rain helped! I generally plant a lot of perennials so that they will come back year after year. One of my favorites is called Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra), which has delicate pink heart-shaped flowers hanging from the stem. It thrives in the shade. Fuchsias are another delicate flower that likes the shade, and can be great in hanging baskets.

My garden is basically called an English garden with blue, pink and white flowers. There are a few annuals that I use for color and to brighten up the edges. I prefer impatiens, gloxinia, dusty miller (which often manages to winter over in my garden), begonias and pansies.

In the back of the garden I like to use cleome and cosmos, both of which tend to be tall and frequently reseed to come back the following year. Of course, for the fall, you can’t beat mums. Russian sage, baby’s breath, lavender and alliums are all midsize in height and don’t need a lot of attention other than deadheading.

•There are a lot of birthdays being celebrated in Babylon this week. Best wishes go to Rosanna Somma Dobush, Paul Schulhaus, Ann Marie Mitchell, Edward Jeff Kauf, William Shaw and Mary Casaburri! In addition to her birthday, Gilda Gricka and her husband Tag are celebrating their anniversary! Congratulations to one and all!

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