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Amityville Village Trustee says he's not considering run for Boyle's seat

At odds with Supervisor Schaffer over Council Districts

Not so, says Amityville Village Trustee Nick LaLota responding to rumors about his intentions to move to Babylon Village and run for the seat of Sen. Phil Boyle.

“I’m flattered by the Senate rumor, but my daughters are quite happy going to the same school their mom went to,” said LaLota, who is the Republican Commissioner in the S.C. Board of Elections.

A source last week said that LaLota was looking for homes in Babylon. Those were later reiterated by two other sources, apparently fueled by the news that NYS Sen. Phil Boyle was interested in stepping down and becoming the S.C. Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

LaLota is a former aide to Boyle

As reported in Newsday this week, DeMarco announced he would not be seeking a fourth term and Boyle had put in a bid for the post, though DeMarco was quoted as saying he would not support the Senator because he does not have law enforcement experience. DeMarco, a Conservative, has served 12 years.

LaLota said his focus continues to be on Amityville Village.   “I have an obligation to the voters who put me in office to watch out for their tax dollars,” he said.

In other political matters, Babylon Town Supervisor Richard Schaffer will be holding a rally on the steps of Babylon Town Hall May 20, to gather supporters and pushback an effort by Babylon Town Republicans, including LaLota, to bring Councilmatic Districts to the Town.

In an email circulated by Schaffer May 9, the Supervisor said the Town has worked in partnership to bring together the hamlets and Villages that make up the Town “in the name of strength through unity.

“Now a political operative named Nick LaLota is planning to destroy all the progress we have made by tearing our Town apart,” Schaffer wrote. “Under the current system all of our residents enjoy the representation of all five Town elected officials and LaLota’s plan would destroy our unified approach to governing and working together for the entire Town.

Supporters said that having a single elected official responsible for a smaller area brings more efficient and effective government, while opponents say the system divides communities and results in less—not more representation at the Town level.

Babylon Republican Chairman Anthony Pancella said: “Certainly the voters deserve another opportunity now to make a decision on the question.”

The rally is set for 11 a.m. 

Watch for the upcoming print edition of the Beacon for more on this story.

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