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•IT’S SPRING!!! I not only have crocus in my lawn but also a tiny daffodil and dandelions! Never did I think I would be happy to see dandelions! (I plucked them out immediately, of course, but I was initially happy to see them!) After such mixed weather this past winter, I can’t pretend it will be smooth sailing from now on, but I do feel certain that the weather will warm up and bring more blooms with it!

•Through its many fundraising projects in the community, Pilot Club of Babylon (at right) recently made a donation to Northwell Health’s Southside Hospital “Comprehensive Rehab & Brain Injury Unit” (CRBIU). With this donation they were able to purchase both a 48” Smart TV and a Touchscreen Overlay, which together will create a large iPad-type device. The therapists in the Brain Injury Unit will be able to download various types of interactive apps (Therapeutic Applications) to work on improving many different types of brain impairments, such as attention, memory, visual scanning, as well as improving functional use of patients’ arms and hands when reaching to touch the screen to participate in tasks. If you have a friend or relative that has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) such as a stroke or auto accident, you know how much they need such therapy. Helping people with TBI is a major goal of the Pilot Club of Babylon and Pilot International.

Shown are Pilot Club members Patti Burke, Sheila Hersey, Mary Rinklin, Jerri Romeo, President Joanne Lewald, Jill Corbett, Alicia Catani, Judy Skillen, Pat Chiodo, Sue Valenza, Barbara Schnepp and Ellen Maryman. Photo by Mary Gallagher Shown are Pilot Club members Patti Burke, Sheila Hersey, Mary Rinklin, Jerri Romeo, President Joanne Lewald, Jill Corbett, Alicia Catani, Judy Skillen, Pat Chiodo, Sue Valenza, Barbara Schnepp and Ellen Maryman. Photo by Mary Gallagher •I’ve seen a couple of excellent movies in the last two weeks. One was The Shack, which focuses on the need for forgiveness. The second, which I had not heard of prior to seeing it, was Last Word. This stars Shirley MacLaine as an older woman determined to ensure that her obituary makes her sound like a wonderful person. My friend and I enjoyed this comedy quite a bit. If you get a chance to see it, I hope you will enjoy it as well!

•I am eagerly looking forward to the Babylon Theater’s reopening with plays and other events. The cost of tickets to a Broadway show can be absurd. I still haven’t seen Wicked because I can’t find discounted tickets. But I am looking forward to seeing War Paint on April 2, and Groundhog Day later in April. I am lucky enough to have a good friend who manages to get tickets at a (relatively) reasonable price. These two shows cost me $82 each, but compared to what you’d pay at the box office, that price is reasonable.

I doubt that I will ever see Hamilton and I’m not too hopeful about seeing Hello Dolly either. I remember when my parents came home from seeing it in its original run, with Carol Channing. They couldn’t stop talking about it. Since they brought home the album, we all fell in love with the music. I think we all had fairly good senses of imagination and were able to see it in our minds. I have my fingers crossed that my friend will be able to get us tickets while Bette Midler is still in it, but I have to confess, I’m not too hopeful.

If the Babylon Theater produces such plays with equity actors, I would like to get a season ticket if such things are available!

•My friend and I had a tasty dinner of corned beef and cabbage at the Post Office Café last Friday. The corned beef was moist and delicious, as were the side dishes.

There were a number of families there to celebrate, and we finished just in time to leave before the band started up. I have to confess, I’m not much for bands in restaurants, but since the Post Office has a younger crowd and a busy bar, one has to expect them to have a band on a Friday night!

•Can you spare a couple of hours to volunteer on April 1? That’s the Saturday when Babylon Ends Hunger will run its second event to package meals for local food pantries. In November we were able to put together 30,000 meals, and on April 1, we are shooting for 60,000! We need volunteers and we need donors. The event is being sponsored by the Babylon Rotary, the Babylon Lions Club and a number of other local civic organizations. Please call Megan at 631-661-5300 if you can help out!

•The Friends of the Library is a group of people who work to make money on behalf of the Babylon Public Library. The funds they raise have made hundreds of programs possible, and also contribute to museum passes and various improvements to the library. They will be meeting tonight (March 23) at 7:30 p.m. at the library. Stop by if you can, and see this wonderful group in action!

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