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Lindenhurst Village Mayor Tom Brennan steps down

Board sets meeting for tomorrow night to select replacement
by Carolyn James

Lindenhurst Village Mayor Tom Brennan steps downLindenhurst Village Mayor Tom Brennan steps downLindenhurst Village Mayor Tom Brennan has stepped down. Deputy Mayor Michael Lavorata has called for a special meeting of the board for tomorrow night, Tues., Feb. 28, 6 p.m. to accept his resignation and consider filling the vacancy.

Brennan was first elected Mayor in 2004, following a vigorous campaign.

He was not immediately available for comment.

In an interview following his first 100 days in office, Brennan said he had no idea how much work the post involved.

“I don’t think I realized how much more time I needed to spend at Village Hall,” he told a Beacon reporter at the time. “It’s a lot of responsibility.”

Brennan made the transition from trustee to Mayor and said that change meant adapting to a new lifestyle. “I’m going to do a lot more events and I’m being asked to speak a lot more so it seems I am out almost every night.”
It was a schedule he kept up while in office, but recent health issues have forced him to make the decision to step down, said sources.

Brennan, a Republican, (unlike other Villages in the Town of Babylon, candidates for the Lindenhurst Village Board run on major party lines) is the owner and operator of the Lindenhurst Funeral Home. He defeated former Village Trustee Ray Doran in his first bid for the Mayor’s seat and said following his victory that he believed many voters crossed party lines to support him “which I appreciate,” he said.

At that time the fate of the Lindenhurst Movie Theater at South Wellwood Avenue and Montauk Highway was an issue. Some residents wanted the Village to purchase and preserve it, while others were concerned about the cost.

Since then, the building has been torn down and the site of a CVS.

“Tom Brennan will go down in history as the most well-liked mayor the Village has ever had,” said Gerard Glass, of Glass & Glass, Babylon, the Village’s attorneys. “He is a true gentleman.”

“Certainly, the first thing we do is wish him well,” said John Lisi, a civic leader in the area who has worked with Brennan on numerous projects. “Tom has always been a pleasure to work —like family—and was kind enough to invite civic people to work with the Village more than any other Mayor in the past.”

The board can appoint Brennan’s replacement, or have Deputy Mayor Lavorata take over as acting Mayor. Acting mayors do not have all of the authority of an elected or appointed mayor, however, said Glass.

The seat will be up for a vote in the next general Village election in March 2018. At that time, the appointee or acting Mayor, as well as anyone else, can run for the seat.

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