2017-02-02 / Columnists

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•February has arrived and per most of the weathermen, it may be a one filled with lots of snow. Now that prediction’s a safe bet, as February usually produces the highest number of snowstorms. We'll just have to wait and see.

•The talk that LO-Man’s Outdoor Store may close seems to dominate the rumor mill. The owner has told me that it’s just a rumor, at least for the time being, so it’s not really news. (Fake News seems to be going on everywhere!)

•A lot of people are waiting for the Super Bowl, which will be played this Sunday. Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan, except in years when a New York team is playing. At that, I usually am afraid to tell anyone whom I’m rooting for, as I have the feeling that I’m a jinx of sorts. Football is too violent for my taste, especially now that science has proven a link between head injuries and serious brain damage.

It seems that I am an anomaly even within my family, as the den or living room has always been crowded with people watching the games. My dad was a top-notch athlete in high school and college. However, he never encouraged my brothers to play.

I have to admit that when the ads on the Super Bowl start to play, I try to find a good seat. During the week prior to the big game, I tape all the TV specials showing old ads. The Budweiser commercials are consistently good, but there are always one or two ads that stand out and ironically sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the product is!

•For many years, February was notable because the Babylon Lions Club would hold its annual Pancake Breakfast. However, now the Pancake Breakfast has been moved to March. (It’s on the 5th this year, so mark your calendars!) Sadly, it will be missing a familiar face, that of Gaspare Mennina, Babylon’s well-known shoe repairman. It will be strange to walk into the grade school cafeteria without seeing Gaspare’s big smile.

This will be the 49th Pancake Breakfast, and I have to admit that I have missed very few. Each year I look around, and you can see the families change. When I first started to go, my friends were bringing their young children. Now those same children are surrounded by their own teens! This annual event really seems to demonstrate the march of time.

•Another event that is approaching is the Village election. This year there will be two seats up on the Village Board as well as the position of Village justice. As of this writing, the Better Babylon Party has nominated the incumbents: Kevin Muldowney and Mary Adams for the position of trustee, and Jack Rafter as the Village justice. Village elections always fall close to St. Patrick’s Day on the calendar, and this year it’s March 21.

Anyone wishing to run for one of the three positions must hand in completed petitions no later than Feb. 14. For information, call the Village clerk’s office (631-669- 1500).

•Happy birthday to Keely Harris, Belle Baxter and Sue Berry! Three lovely ladies…

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