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•Tomorrow is a sort of Pandora’s Box. For many, it will be a triumph, while for others it is a day of fear. I am one of the latter. What is it that we are afraid of? Perhaps it is the unknown. People who supported Donald Trump think they know what’s coming. Those of us who did not support him have little idea of what is to come, but I suppose we expect it to be chaos. All I know is that no one can predict exactly what will happen.

I am not a religious person, but I think the one thing we need to do is to trust in God. A little prayer won’t hurt!

•I mentioned last week that the owner of the Shade Shop, Ann Marie Gunst, died earlier this month. Just in case you are a client, I meant to include the information that the Shade Shop will re-open again sometime in the near future.

•Setting the record straight: rumors have been circulating that Lo-Man's Outdoor Store on Deer Park Avenue is closing. The owner, Richard Friedman, the son of the founder Lou Friedman, said on Tuesday that those are simply rumors and that he is not closing the store.

Longtime residents remember Lo- Man's when it was located on the southwest corner of Deer Park Avenue and Railroad Avenue. While I don’t know what it was like when it first opened, the Lo-Man’s I have known has always been packed with clothing of all sorts, and with shoppers. It has been a cornerstone of the Babylon Village business district for 70 years. We wish it many more.

•I have written several times about the need for more retail shops in the business district. We have more than enough hair salons, nail parlors and restaurants. There is a good reason that the Babylon Village Board chose to pass a one-year moratorium on any new eateries. Anyone trying to shop on Deer Park Avenue has to fight for a parking space among all the restaurant patrons that fill the street. Service businesses like those that I have mentioned do not attract new shoppers. Attractive storefronts with retail products are what bring in new business for the district.

•This Saturday, Jan. 21, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the First Presbyterian Church of Babylon (79 East Main Street), together with Neighbors Supporting Neighbors, will be distributing boxes of non-perishable food and hygiene products to ALL in need. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this event, please notify Kim Skillen 631-885-1655. Anyone in need is welcome and the items can be distributed in a discreet manner.

If you would like to volunteer (all volunteers are welcome) call Kim at the number above. Feed the Children is an international non-profit organization feeding children around the world! This will be the third event with this incredible organization.

•The board of trustees of the Babylon Village Heritage Conservancy met this past Sunday. The Board decided that meetings for the general membership would be held quarterly, instead of monthly, beginning on March 26. As of this writing, no word has been received of the decision of the Village Zoning Board of Appeals on the David Smith property.

•Tonight the Babylon Library will hold its annual Preschool Fair from 7 until 8:30 p.m. Parents are invited to come and meet with representatives from several local preschools. If you need further information, please call the library at 621-669-1624.

•Many happy returns for birthdays: Mary Adams, Jacqueline Sweet, Maureen Schellhorn and Tim Bridges! I also want to wish Stanis and Mike Beck belated congratulations on their 49th anniversary in mid-December!

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