2017-01-12 / Columnists

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•Perhaps I can predict the weather better than some of the television forecasters! I no sooner wrote that this is the time for snow and ice than we got eight inches of snow, followed by icy cold! The storm took us by surprise. I do watch the news, especially for the weather forecast, and they first mentioned the snow on Friday morning! I must apologize to any students or teachers because I don’t think any local schools had a snow day, which I also mentioned, but they may have a few before the season is over.

•By the way, have you noticed that the days are a bit longer? Monday was the first day that I observed that, but obviously it’s only a few minutes each day. I also noticed the moon well up in the east at about four in the afternoon as well. Someone answered my question about the bright star in the west just after sundown…it’s Venus!

•A lot of readers mentioned their amazement at what wonderful shape Nan Hanaway is in. If you saw last week’s column, you saw her photo from Halloween. The photo below is from her family celebration of her 100th birthday. Her son, Tom, and daughter, Kathy, and their spouses were able to join her for several days, including her birthday. She is shown at left at her party.

Her grandson sent her 100 red roses to celebrate the day! (He’s lucky she wasn’t born near Valentine’s Day!) Only a couple of years ago, Nan had a fall and broke a hip. At 98, that’s no small thing. Her health declined and she was in hospice. If you don’t know much about hospice, patients covered by it are usually expected to die within six months. Nan started to make progress, and at the end of the six months, hospice withdrew their services. She then had aides around the clock and eventually she no longer required their help either! While she needs a wheelchair to get around, she basically does everything for herself. This past summer she even went swimming!

•Most of us are aware of the Polar Bear Clubs. Members don bathing suits and take a dip on New Year’s Day. But have you ever heard of the NYC group called the No Pants Subway Ride? It seems that for the past 16 years, including this past Sunday, the group removes their pants and rides the subway, acting as though it’s a regular day! (They do wear underpants, thank heavens!) I have to admire one group as much as the other, but doubt that I will join either of them in the near future.

•Sadly, two local people who were well known in Babylon passed away last week. Joe Leone died last Friday, at 96. Also, Ann Marie Gunst, the owner of the Shade Shop in Babylon, died early last week. My sympathies and prayers go to both families.

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