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Added DWI patrols this weekend

Don't drink and drive

S.C. Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco announced today that the Sheriff’s Proactive Impaired Driving Effort (SPIDRE) DWI enforcement team will be out in force this holiday weekend patrolling Suffolk’s roadways.  Deputy Sheriffs specially trained as Drug Recognition Experts will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. The Sheriff is cautioning everyone to designate a driver, call a cab or take away the keys from anyone who has had too much to drink or is otherwise impaired. 

“Don’t get behind your wheel if you’re not sober,” DeMarco cautioned. “Designate someone else to drive on New Year’s Eve and have a great holiday.” 

 The Sheriff’s BAT Mobile, a completely self-contained D.W.I. processing center, will also be stationed nearby to enable Deputy Sheriffs to quickly process arrests and maximize time patrolling the roads.

 What are the implications of driving under the influence?  Aside from endangering those around you, expect to pay a hefty fine, attorney fees, and do jail time for a DWI offense, the Sheriff said. 

Fines range from $1,000 to $10,000, with jail terms up to 7 years for repeat offenders. 

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