2016-12-08 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

•The holiday season started with an explosion of people filling the streets and sidewalks of Babylon Village last Friday night. The Old- Fashioned Night of Christmas Shopping began at 5 p.m. with the closing of Deer Park Avenue to traffic from Main Street to Railroad Avenue.

Santa and Mrs. Claus left their sleigh at home in the North Pole and rode around the Village in a beautiful white horsedrawn carriage. Glen’s handed out at least 1,000 cups of hot chocolate and other places also disbursed free beverages or snacks. The night was just chilly enough to remind people that it’s December.

•Crowds flocked to the Conklin House to see the decorated trees, while others visited Old Town Hall to see the wonderful electric trains move around a miniature Babylon. (That train exhibit will be on display through the New Year, and it’s definitely worth seeing!)

•This Friday, Santa will be back in the business district, along with Dickensian characters.

•People often complain about how inconsiderate teenagers are these days. (Even the use of the phrase “these days” dates me!) But I have had a number of high school students offer their help when they see me struggle with groceries and a crutch. While not all offer assistance, when I have had to ask for help they are very quick to come to my aid and ask if they can do anything more. I don’t know if any of this is due to being brought up in this area and taught well by their parents, or if I’m just lucky. In any event, I really appreciate their assistance and respect.

•Have you noticed the bright star in the western sky recently? It has been blazing for several days, especially early in the evening. I suspect it must be a planet, but it puts me in mind of the star watched by the shepherds all those years ago.

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