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•It’s hard to realize that it is already December! Sitting down with my family last Thursday for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner should have alerted me, but it is still hard to believe the last month of the year has arrived.

Thanksgiving brings memories of Mom spending several days fixing side dishes ahead of time. The scent of the roasting turkey as you enter the house makes your mouth water. To my surprise, one of the first things I heard was, “The men are fixing Thanksgiving dinner!”

It is true. My nephew Scott decided he wanted to learn how to cook and carve a turkey, while his brother-in-law provided several delicious side dishes (sweet potatoes with pecans, string beans and cheese and onions), two types of cranberry dressing and a host of other sides that made my mouth water the moment I walked in the front door. I tried to imagine my father and uncles cooking Thanksgiving dinner and I had to laugh!

A two-year-old boy and his four-year old sister provided most of the excitement until their older male cousins arrived and joined in the fun.

Of course there was a crowd around the TV watching the football game and another big group of people in the kitchen, watching the men at work.

My three sisters, four nieces, five nephews, four great-nephews and one great-niece made up the crowd. Watching the way they all interacted with love and laughter made the evening magical. I only hope that my readers had an equally good holiday.

•I stayed out of stores for the most part over the weekend, spending Sunday afternoon seeing the movie “Loving” and having dinner at Alitalia, which put a nice end to the long weekend. On the ride home I was amazed by the number of homeowners who had already put up their magical and colorful lights, including the lights and boughs of pine wrapped around the streetlights.

•This weekend we will see Deer Park Avenue turned into a winter wonderland for the annual Night of Old-Fashioned Shopping on Fri., Dec. 2.

Santa will be in the business district along with throngs of residents doing some of their Christmas shopping. The Beacon, at 65 Deer Park Avenue, invites everyone to stop in for a cup of hot chocolate and a candy cane between 6 and 7 p.m.

•On Sunday afternoon at Argyle Park the tree lighting will be held, followed by the Wassail Bowl at the Historical Society and the Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner at the high school.

•Speaking of local shopping, I have to say I was disappointed last Monday when I went to a number of shops, only to find them closed for the day.

The Chamber of Commerce should discuss this practice. I don’t see shops in other Villages closed on Mondays, especially during the holiday season.

It would also be nice if shops would be open on Friday evenings in December, without all the extravaganza of the Night of Old-Fashioned shopping. Perhaps a group or two of carolers would provide a holiday background. It would allow shoppers to view the wares of the local stores, with a stop at a local eatery for a glass of wine and a delicious dinner.

•My dog, BG, was groomed today in anticipation of having her photo taken with Santa at the Conklin House on Sunday. While most people take the opportunity to have family photos done, I’m hoping to get a shot we can send to friends and relatives as my Christmas card. Keep it in mind for next year!

•To keep you on time for the events I’ve mentioned, here’s a little schedule for you: Fri., Dec. 2, 5-9 p.m., Night of Old-Fashioned Shopping and Christmas at the Conklin House; Sun., Dec. 4, 3-6 p.m., Babylon Boy Scouts Spaghetti Dinner, Babylon High School; Sun., Dec. 4, 4 p.m., Village Tree Lighting, Argyle Park; Sun., Dec. 4, following tree lighting, the Annual Wassail Bowl, Babylon Historical Society Museum.

Young or old, take a ride after dark around Babylon Village to see the holiday displays your neighbors have on their homes and in their yards!

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