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Babylon Village is getting ready to celebrate Halloween! Starting at noon on Sat., Oct. 29, the Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring its 2nd Annual Halloween Trickor Treat Event. Children wearing costumes (and their parents) should gather at the James Street parking lot at noon for the parade through the business district. Children may then go trick or treating at participating businesses until 5 p.m.

•Happy birthday to Carolyn Guttmann, Laura Poppy and Jackie Marsden! All three share the same birthday. Happy birthday wishes also go to Jeanne Lammens and Dylan Ford!

•By the way, I just spotted a tip on Jeanne Lammens' site that we should not cut back hollow stem plant shoots now. Wait until the spring as there may be tiny bees inside, and since bees are now endangered we should do all we can to help them out.

•In case you didn’t know, the Babylon Village Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on the David Smith House was postponed to Nov. 16. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in Village Hall. It seems the Ognibenes have changed attorneys. Please put the new hearing date on your calendar and come to the hearing to save a part of Babylon’s history.

•Dusk comes so much earlier these days and when we change the clocks back on Nov. 5 it will get dark even earlier. So please remember to turn on your headlights. It is very hard to see cars without their lights on at dusk and it endangers everyone on the road.

•Many people are worried by the number of drivers who are ignoring stop signs lately. It seems to be an escalating problem. You are required to come to a full stop, even if there are no other cars at the intersection. Also there are a lot of drivers who forget to signal before they make a turn. I’ve noticed that many people turn on their signal just before the turn or even halfway through the turn. I asked an instructor at a driver’s safety course how far ahead one should signal. Their response was at least 10 yards ahead of the turn. A large percentage of car accidents take place during turns; please be sure to signal well ahead of time!

Readers can send items to Mary Gallagher for inclusion in her column to acjnews@rcn.com or mail them to Babylon Beacon, 65 Deer Park Ave., Babylon NY 11702. Put News and Muse in the subject line of the email.

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