2016-09-29 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•I just finished watching the first debate between Clinton and Trump. Frankly, nothing said changed my mind on either candidate. I was annoyed, however, by the way one of the candidates continually ran over the time allotted. There’s no question in my mind that one candidate was given much more time than the other because of that. I would like to see the moderator be allowed to cut off a candidate’s microphone if they run more than 15 seconds over the allotted time.

•Have you taken a look at the display in the library entryway? It was put together by Russ Bucking, who is probably the only lifelong Babylonian to earn a living as a bayman in the last 20+ years. I know many of our residents have spent some time clamming, etc. But Russ started working on the Bay while in junior high, and continues through the present! Many years ago the Bay provided a living for a large part of the men living here. It makes sense to erect a statue reflecting the Village’s debt to those men.

•When I was a child, I loved to sing aloud. I remember passing time on the walk to school singing. At that time folk songs were popular and I knew all the lyrics, so I serenaded the ducks and swans in Argyle Lake. I wonder if any of today’s students sing such enthusiastic solos.

•A couple of weeks ago, I lost my keys. I knew they were in the house, but couldn’t figure out where or how I lost them. I’m very careful to either leave them in my pocket or to put them on top of the radiator by my front door. I spent two days tearing my apartment apart, without success.

Unfortunately, I needed my handicapped permit but had no way into the car. After 24 hours, I asked a friend if he could open my car door. He agreed and got out some odd-looking tools, obviously homemade.

No sooner did he begin, when a crowd of men gathered around: a fireman, a code enforcement officer, a S.C. policeman and a couple of others. My friend worked on the lock for awhile, but could not seem to press hard enough on the button to open the lock. At that point, the code officer took over with a newly purchased set of tools. (They looked a lot like the first set, but a lot more expensive!) After several minutes, he was successful and the crowd broke up. My reason for mentioning this is to express my gratitude to all these men for their time and concern. It illustrates what a nice Village we live in and how our neighbors try to help one another. (Also, to remind you to be sure you have a spare key to your car!)

Fortunately, at the end of the second day, I found my keys. They had fallen out of my pants pocket when I took a nap, landing in the narrow space between my mattress and the bed frame. I’m going to get a copy made to prevent this from happening again.

•Happy birthday to Ellen Lantz Anderson. Get well soon to Jeannie McCarthy, Judy Skillen and Ralph Consola!

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