2016-09-15 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

This past Sunday we observed the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attack. I was visiting Bettie Hanse last week and she gave me the photo below, taken at Town Hall on that dreadful day, shortly after the attack took place. You can recognize on the left a younger Steve Bellone (County legislator at that time; later Babylon

Town supervisor and currently Suffolk County executive). Also visible on the right is Gil Hanse, the Town’s director of emergency management. You can see the shock and concern in their faces.

•Have you noticed several young men popping wheelies and performing stunts on bikes in the middle of traffic? They have been around for a number of days, making rude gestures and comments. I’m told that several people have come close to hitting them or crashing in an effort to avoid them. I’ve seen them twice, but have no idea who they are. Hopefully they will realize how dangerous their game is before anyone is hurt.

•Marty McCarthy was happy to announce that his sister, Jeanne, has come home after a summer-long hospitalization. Best wishes for a full recovery, Jeanne!

•Kim Skillen started this school year on a bright note. She has been appointed as assistant superintendent by the North Babylon School District. Many of you know Kim for all the hard work that she and the rest of the Skillen family have done (and continue to do) for victims of Superstorm Sandy in the Babylon area. Congratulations, Kim.

I learned about Kim’s new position from her mother, Judy, when we met on Deer Park Avenue. We were both running around getting ready for surgery this past Monday. Both of us had orthopedic procedures; Judy’s surgery was on her knee and mine was on my right foot. It’s ironic how many of the same procedures we’ve both had!

Knowing Judy, it won’t slow her down for any length of time!

•Great news! The South Bay Movies closed. Normally, I would be upset, but since they have closed to do the long-awaited renovations, I’m delighted! I even got in on Saturday for $3! The manager told me that the work will take about six months, but I don’t think that anyone can deny the renovation has been needed for several years. Since the owners apparently have other businesses, most of the staff will be able to stay busy.

•If you have children in the Babylon Schools, you will have received a letter from District Superintendent Linda J. Rossi this week. In view of several Long Island school districts finding out they have schools with water containing large amounts of lead, Babylon opted to have the water in district buildings tested. Fortunately, all the drinking water was fine. There were two sinks with elevated levels. The district chose to fix one and remove the other, so all water sources are safe. Our district leaders are being proactive, which is a great way to go.

•It may come as no surprise that Glen’s is one of my favorite lunch spots. A lot of it is due to the great staff, not to mention the food! Longtime employee Kristine Josiah was wed to Frank Sangenito in a lovely ceremony Sept. 1 at Land’s End. I hope they will be very happy. PHOTO

•I’m sending belated birthday greetings to Mary Rinklin, Sharon Donahoe, and Mike Bernard, and best wishes to Sharon Young Accetella, Lisa Finn, and Cindi DiOrio!

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