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Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•Well, we’ve had at least one day of somewhat lower humidity, but this heat wave has knocked me for a loop. While my asthma is generally well controlled, days like these mean I run from one air-conditioned place to another. If I spend a few minutes outdoors, my chest starts to hurt. Ironically the same thing happens when we have a winter day and the temp is close to zero. As we head to mid August, hopefully more moderate days will be here soon!

How the runners in Sunday’s Dirty Sock Race managed to run up to Belmont Lake and back is a mystery to me! I arrived a little after 6 a.m. to help with day-of-race registration, wearing a light shirt with long sleeves. Sadly, the mosquitoes attack me first thing in the morning and again at dusk. My sister says it has something to do with the fact that we have Type 0 blood…

The comment about blood types made me curious, so I consulted the internet. While they did not list a blood type that attracts female mosquitoes (the males don’t bite us), according to Web MD, genetics account for 85 percent of the problem. They did say that people whose bodies give off large amounts of carbon dioxide, or exude steroids or cholesterol on their skin, are much more likely to be bitten. (Larger people give off more carbon dioxide than others.)

Angela and Andrew Daly Angela and Andrew Daly Mosquito repellents with 23.8 percent DEET (most formulas contain between 10 and 30 percent) protect wearers for about five hours. As an alternate, picaridin (marketed as Cutter Advanced) has proven to be as effective as DEET but is said to be more pleasant to use because it is odorless and contains a light, clean feel. Picaridin is safe for children older than two months. I know a lot of people that swear by Skin So Soft, by Avon, but research shows it is much less effective than DEET.

Jeanne and James Daly Jeanne and James Daly •In the last year, I have gotten to know the Daly family. It’s been an eventful spring and summer for them. On May 7, Angela Quinn wed Andrew Daly at the Argyle Gazebo. Then on June 25, Jeanne Scudlo was married to Andrew’s father, James Daly, at St. Joseph’s Church. Best wishes to both grooms and their lovely brides!

•As many of you know, I happen to live in what we believe is the oldest house in Babylon Village. It was built nearly 300 years ago, in 1730, as the Carll Homestead on West Main Street where Mansfield Road, Fancy Lee Restaurant and the Babylon Golf Shop are now located. About 125 years ago, the house was moved to its present site at 17 North Carll Avenue. At that time (I think) indoor plumbing was installed and it can’t have been an easy job…so says my plumber, Myron. On the hottest day of the year so far, a pipe midway between my kitchen and the bath on the second floor developed a hole. That would be a real problem in most homes today, but with the way the plumbing was installed so long ago, it’s close to a disaster!

With a lot of skill and mumbling beneath his breath, Myron finally managed to replace the pipe and restore the flow of hot water. I gather that when he says his prayers, he includes one to the effect that he won’t have to come and deal with my house again! I say the same prayer, but include the addition that if I do need a plumber in the future, Myron will come to my rescue!

•A couple of dates for your calendar: Sept. 18 is the special date for the Babylon Beautification Society Country Fair at Argyle Park. Usually held on the Sunday after Labor Day, the Fair will be held a week later this year. The Beautification Society moved the Fair back one week so that it would not interfere with ceremonies taking place on Sept. 11, the anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks on America. The rain date, which we are hoping will not be needed, is on Sept. 25, which is also the date of the Babylon Rotary Club’s Wine and Food Expo.

Should bad weather fall on Sept. 18, and the Fair is moved to the 25th, you could still attend both, as Rotary’s Wine and Food Expo begins at 3 p.m. and goes on to 6 p.m. This year, the Expo will be held at the Bergen

Point Golf Club.

•Speaking of the Rotary, please keep your eye on this column for news about “Babylon Ends Hunger.” This event will take place on Sat., Nov. 5. Many of the churches and local community groups will work to produce packs of all natural macaroni and cheese, which will be distributed to local food banks. More details will be forthcoming soon!

•Happy birthday wishes to Marion DiGiovanni Casserly, Danny Shine, Raoul Castaneda, Steve Markham and Flo Siemsen!

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