2016-08-11 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•Since I generally start with a comment about the weather, I will note that the weather has been very warm for my taste. I do follow News 12’s forecasts, but right now I’m feeling a little cheated. They foretold heavy rain for this past Saturday so I put off watering my garden. Not a drop did I see, although I will concede that other parts of the Island got a bit.

Then I was promised low humidity for Monday and Tuesday and I guess my version of low humidity doesn’t agree with the weatherman’s. This is said with tongue in cheek for the most part as no one expects the forecast to be perfect. In fact, a college degree in meteorology should include a class in how to take criticism gracefully!

I wonder if weathermen have to have a little bit of masochism to go into that field to begin with! We need them, but I wouldn’t want to be one!

•Don’t forget that the Dirty Sock Run takes place this Sunday morning! If you haven’t registered yet, try to do so ahead of time as the fee goes up for day-of-race registrations. (You’ll have to face me if you wait, as that’s my task for the day!)

•Congratulations to Kelly and Joe Kolm on the birth of a son, Joseph Edward, on July 24! This darling little boy joins two sisters, Caroline Ann and McKenzie Kate. Joseph weighed in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces and is 20 inches long.

•Speaking of birthdays, the Hon. Patrick Henry celebrated his this week. Congratulations, Judge! Also, belated birthday wishes for Marie Owens. •The Nathaniel Conklin House is hosting a special event that sounds terrific! Some of the most senior lifetime Village residents will be talking about their lives here in Babylon, including photos as well as video histories. This event will take place on Aug. 28 at 1 p.m., and if you would like to attend, you should RSVP to 631-669-8164. I am looking forward to this eagerly! Hopefully we will be able to ask some questions.

•As the dog days of summer run on toward September, I find myself at the Village’s Gilbert C. Hanse Pool on lazy afternoons. Not only do we have a wonderful place to swim but also it’s probably the hottest spot socially in the Village. In addition to the new playground equipment, this year the pool has new chaise lounges and also Adirondack chairs for your use!

•The Pokémon GO players are apparently a headache to the Village Security as the sun goes down. While I applaud the game in that it brings our young people outside, they seem reluctant to leave Argyle Park when it closes at dusk. Hopefully the two groups can find a mutually agreeable solution!

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