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Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•Summer is half over, can you believe it? The last week or so has been so hot and frequently muggy that the thought of cool weather is welcome. I know the kids won’t agree and a lot of adults won’t either, But to each his own! (Take away the humidity and I’ll be happy!)

•One more pillar of the Village’s business section is gone. Gaspare Mennina “has gone to his reward,” as the old- timers used to say. The small, humble man with a gleam of humor in his eye, died early last week. From his perch in the small shoe repair shop near the corner of Deer Park Avenue and Main Street, he watched the affairs of Babylon pass by. At age 87, he was still working up to a few weeks before his death. He is survived by his wife, Joanna (Josephine), and his two daughters, Josephine Mennina and Lucy Michael Domingo and her husband Michael, as well as by his grandchildren.

Gaspare set an example for us all with his work ethic and his service to the community with the Babylon Lions Club and the Babylon Village Chamber of Commerce. He will be missed.

•It’s time for all you runners to register for the Babylon Village Classic, the 10K Dirty Sock Run! It takes place on Sun., Aug. 14, starting at 8 a.m. (rain or shine). If you get your registration in by Aug. 4, the cost is $25, and then its $30 until Aug. 12, and day-of-race registration is $35. The number of runners is limited to 1,000 this year, so get your registration in.

As in the past, the race, sponsored by the Babylon Rotary, benefits local food pantries and soup kitchens. For your entry, go online to Dirtysockrun.com or check with Glen’s Café on Main Street.

This year your race BIB can get you complimentary food and a first beer at Lily Flanagan’s (only two blocks east of the finish line)…after the race!

Participants are entitled to tee shirts, post-race refreshments, entry in post race raffle and a new, clean pair of socks! LOL •Am I the only one being annoyed by loud mufflers this year? I know that residents near Sunrise Highway and 231 have to endure drag racers, but this car, and a motorcycle, seem to like spinning out on quiet side streets.

•Another favorite event coming next week is the annual Babylon Tuna Club Invitational Tournament, running Aug. 5-7. Check the online listing for further info. or call 516-819-9596.

•Also coming up, the Tuna Club sponsors a Snapper Derby Clinic on Aug. 13, while the actual Snapper Derby is on Aug. 27 for children up to and including 12 years of age. Info.can be found at the same contacts listed for the Tuna Tournament.

•I happened to speak to Kathy Hanaway a week or so ago, and she mentioned that her mother, Nan, had been swimming that day in the pool at her Florida home. Not bad for a wonderful woman in her 100th year!

•I had lunch the other day with Bob Baiter, who grew up in West Islip and now lives in Milan, Italy. He visits Babylon in the summer when he can, staying with friends. He was a fount of information about old Babylon, West Islip and Bay Shore, not to mention a very nice man.

•Now some tips that might surprise you!

-Have you burned your tongue? Try putting a teaspoon of regular sugar on it and let it dissolve. It worked for me!

-Many of us have marshmallows in the house at this time of year. If you have a sore throat, try eating a few, it really helps!

-All of us struggle with items sealed in heavy plastic. Try using a can opener to open it!

-Do you need to amplify your iPhone or iPad? If you’re at home, try putting it in a bowl!

-Clogged toilet? If the baby didn’t flush your jewelry or other strange material, here’s something to try before you call the plumber. Put a couple of glasses of HOT water in the bowl and wait. If that doesn’t do the trick, add a couple of squirts of liquid soap or shampoo. After waiting a bit, use the plunger if you need it. Still no luck? Call the plumber! This is especially handy if you are away from home.

Readers can contact Mary Gallagher via email at acjnews@rcn.com. Writers should put News and Muse in the subject line. Or, mail her at the Beacon Newspaper, 65 Deer Park Ave., Babylon NY 11702, Attention Mary Gallagher.

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