2016-06-30 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•On the first night of summer, not only did I witness my first and last Strawberry Moon (a name for the full moon that happens during the summer solstice), but I also spotted my first firefly of the season! This would seem to indicate that this summer would be special. There won’t be another Strawberry Moon until 2094, and for the past two weeks we have had wonderful weather. In fact, it’s raining right now and of course I spent half of the day moving the sprinkler around the yard!

•Local high school seniors were blessed with terrific weather for prom and graduation. When I graduated from Babylon H.S., we had torrential downpours on the day of the rehearsal. For some reason, there was no car available and I had to walk from Argyle Park down Trolleyline Road to the high school. The lake flooded over and the water was ankle deep on the sidewalk. I had to take off my shoes and wade through the water. Later, on the way home, the water receded halfway across the park’s grass, so I was able to keep my shoes on.

When I got to the area where the Argyle Park sign is, I stopped short in my tracks, my toes curling up at the sight of a huge snapping turtle in the middle of the sidewalk! He seemed like a monster to me, with spikes up the middle of his back. He snapped his beak at me and hissed loudly. It was the first, and hopefully the last, time I saw a snapping turtle!

The following day we had graduation, and as those of you who know me must be aware, I will never be a fashion leader. But my mother and I found a lovely white crepe that helped disguise my ample curves. For once I felt very pretty.

As we listened to the speeches and presentation of awards, we faced the crowd on the bleachers. The sun had been shining all day, but as we looked to the west we could see ominous rain clouds that were approaching rapidly. The district superintendent was using a hand-held microphone that cackled periodically as we watched distant lightning. The graduates all moved restlessly, wondering if the rest of those present knew this storm would be upon us within minutes. At long last, we received our diplomas and no sooner had the final student gotten his than the storm burst over our heads! Thunder and lightning sent everyone dashing for cars as rain poured down.

One thing that I didn’t know at that time, but will never forget, is that crepe shrinks when wet! Even as I sat in the car on the way home, I found myself wearing for the first time in my life, a mini-mini dress! I pulled at the hem frantically but without success as we ran into our house where all my relatives had gathered to help celebrate my big achievement. To say I looked awful is to put it mildly! I’m glad for this year’s grads that they had glorious weather all weekend!

•By the way, I have a tip if you find yourself at Ruby Tuesday for a meal. Try the chicken fresco, a fresh chicken breast grilled with a vine-ripened tomato and a sauce made with lemon butter and a splash of balsamic vinegar…delicious! I think I’ve gotten addicted to this dish! One reason I prefer the Ruby Tuesday chain is that they seem to use less salt than other chains. As the saying goes, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

•Speaking of new dishes, Glen’s now features a new sandwich of fresh turkey, with lettuce and tomato, cranberry sauce and special bread made with cranberries and walnuts. Mmmm good!

•Have you been down to the Village pool this year? Don’t forget to get your parking pass as a Village resident. It’s now required for parking at the pool as well as the dock.

•Happy birthday to Eileen Boyle and Mary Katherine Schaefer Gutmann!

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