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Brightwaters man convicted of illegal dumping in Deer Park

State Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho today convicted a Brightwaters man, after a six-day trial, of four criminal charges, two of them felonies, for the defendant Ronald Cianciulli’s role in the illegal dumping of construction debris in 2014 in Deer Park, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

 Justice Camacho convicted Cianciulli, 49, the owner and operator of Atlas Asphalt in Deer Park, of three charges of endangering the public health, safety or the environment and one count of operating a solid-waste management facility without a permit.  The Justice acquitted Cianciulli of criminal mischief in the second degree and of engaging in regulated activities within mapped freshwater wetlands without a permit, a violation.

 The criminal probe by the District Attorney’s Office of the dumping of toxic construction materials trucked into Suffolk from New York City began in April of 2014 and culminated in the indictment of Cianciulli, Thomas Datre Jr. and others seven months later.  The indictment, District Attorney Spota said at the time, “details a portrait of greed that has left Suffolk County with an environmental catastrophe.”

 Two months ago, Cianciulli’s codefendant Thomas Datre Jr. pleaded guilty to four felony charges of endangering the Public Health, Safety or the Environment in the third degree for the dumping of the contaminated debris at the Deer Park site and three other locations, including a town park in Brentwood.

 “Today’s guilty verdict properly establishes Mr. Cianciulli’s responsibility for his role in the contamination of this fragile marine environment in the watershed of the Great South Bay, an ecosystem that is protected under federal and state law,” District Attorney Spota said.  During the trial, a DEC official testified that approximately over 2,000 cubic yards of toxic debris were dumped in the wetlands area.

 Justice Camacho scheduled sentencing for Cianciulli on August 9.

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