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Babylon Village inks new contract with its sanitation and highway department employees

Deal raises salaries and runs through 2020
by Carolyn James

Babylon Village and its full- and part-time employees highway and sanitation employees have reached an agreement that provides significant salary increases over the next four years. Babylon Village Mayor Ralph Scordino said the contract would enable the Village to attract experienced and skilled highway and sanitation employees and retain them.

“We have had significant problems in the past attracting the kind of employees we want in the Village, and retaining them,” said Scordino in announcing the new agreement.

"The employees are very pleased with the outcome and overwhelmingly voted in favor of the new contract," said Jay Diaz, labor relations specialist, CSEA. 

Under the contract, which runs through 2020, part-time laborers will earn $10 an hour, and with a driver’s license $10.50 an hour. That rate increases by 25-cents an hour each year until 2020.

Part-time employees do not get any benefits from the Village.

Full-time laborers with a driver’s license will earn $10.50 an hour and $12.50 if they have a commercial driver’s license. That rate increases to $14 an hour with two years experience. Foremen will earn $15 an hour.

In addition, in years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, full-time employees will get a $1,000 annual increase.

All full-time employees in the unit work 40 hours and get health, vision and dental benefits. Those hired after 1992 pay up to 20 percent of those annual costs.

The Village has between 20 and 30 part-time and 50 to 60 full-time employees.

The new contract is expected to cost the Village $300,000 more a year in those salary lines, an expense that Scordino said will go toward making Village jobs more competitive with other municipalities, and ensuring greater productivity and development of Village services.

“In the past three years we probably lost 10 employees,” said Scordino. “And in some cases the projects are being done by foremen and supervisors simply because no one else is available to help get them done.” 

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