2016-05-05 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•There is an amazing crop of dandelions popping up everywhere! Every time I try to pull them up, another group seems to appear. My house has just been painted, and although Tony Swayne and his crew have done a wonderful job, I have to say, every time I try to admire the house, those darn dandelions distract my gaze. Grrrr!

•Although April’s rain seems to have waited for May, the May flowers are putting on quite a show. The cherry trees along Argyle Lake look lovely. I never noticed it before, but I suddenly realized I have a small cherry tree by the arbor in my own yard. Belated thanks to Susan Smith, the woman who planted that area.

•The battle for the David Smith House goes on. Darryl Conway, the attorney for the Ognibene family (owners of Indian Crossing), announced he would file an application on behalf of his clients to demolish the historic home, but thus far that has not happened. According to Mayor Ralph Scordino, if such an application is filed, it would be forwarded to the Village Board of Appeals, and that group would have to approve or deny it.

As the Board of Appeals was the group that originally granted the variance, with the condition that the old house be moved and also maintained, hopefully they will stand by that ruling. We will try to keep you informed on a timely basis.

•I visited several new businesses this past week so I could report back to the readers. In next week’s column I’ll tell you about Jack Jack’s Coffee Shop, C & C Baking Factory, as well as the Country Cupboard. I checked all three businesses out and came away with a high opinion of all of them.

Readers can write to Mary Gallagher, c/o the Beacon at 65 Deer Park Ave., Babylon NY 11701, or via email at acjnews@rcn.com. Please put News and Muse in the subject line.

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