2016-02-18 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•From the many careers paths that we could have taken, aren’t you glad you didn’t pick meteorology? (No offense, Rich Hoffman!) It seems like a no-win position! If you predict rain, we have 12 inches of snow. The weatherman says tomorrow will be freezing, and it turns out to be 55 degrees! I realize that because of so many unknowns it’s difficult to be right often enough for people to accept what you say regularly.

I just came in from a freezing rain, after two inches of snow. The temperature is rising and between the rain and temperature, the snow is melting, but also freezing. I have a brick path and the tops of the bricks are starting to get a coating of ice, so I went out in the rain to sprinkle sand on the path. Owning a home is such a joy! The one good thing is that the kids are on winter break and can sleep in tomorrow.

•Last week my computer refused to allow me to log on and after half an hour with a so-called expert technician I realized I was being scammed. So I went to the Babylon Library to try to write on a computer there. I had the same problem. So I had to contact the Beacon and tell them I couldn’t get the column to them. Sorry about that.

The next day, after talking to my repairman, he told me to change my password. Everything opened up immediately. Very bad for my ego, but at least I know what to try first next time!

•Have you noticed that there are several new shops in the Village? One is BGIE, a small shop next to Nikki Jay’s, where customers select photos of items representing letters liking. Owner Kathie Marzano is very excited about being here and delighted in her product. I have to admit, it is a cute idea, and I have several thoughts about using her service for gifts. Stop by 61 Deer Park Avenue and take a look. If your schedule doesn’t fit the posted hours, you can call Kathy and make an appointment. Prices are fairly reasonable (if you’re not writing the Bible!) and I think recipients will be delighted!

•Congratulations to Rich Schaffer on being the Town supervisor with the longest time in that office! I’m also sending congratulations to Tim Sini on his recent appointment as Suffolk County Police commissioner. I feel certain he will do an excellent job in curtailing crime and also in eliminating government scandals.

•The James Street Players recently produced “The Marvelous Wonderettes” by James Bean. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, the musical comedy had a very short run, but the performers and musicians did an outstanding job. The four actresses, Aubrey Alvino, Rachael Durso, Brittany Hughes and Doriann Lewis, portrayed their teenage bobbysoxers admirably and transitioned into alumni at their 10th reunion with aplomb. Apparently, the play was written for the New York stage with great acclaim by the critics and huge success as it has been seen around the world. Congratulations to the director, Jennifer Durso, and also to musical director, Neil O’Connell. The James Street Players will be producing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in late April.

•I stopped into the new Edible Arrangements shop at 80A West Main Street in Babylon the other day and was delighted to find how many relatively inexpensive items had been added to their menu. In addition to the lovely fruit arrangements, they now also offer items such as fresh fruit kabobs and fruit salads in three new assortments, all priced lower than $7.50 and delicious. They also offer fresh-fruit smoothies, drinks and blended drinks. I don’t have room to list all the lower-priced drinks and fruit goodies. Stop in and see them for yourself.

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