2016-02-04 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

•One of many things about me that drove my poor mother crazy was when I refused to eat something or other. From the time Mom was four, she was a boarding student at Brentwood’s Academy of St. Joseph, until she graduated from high school. She had to eat anything put in front of her. What the nuns would have done with me, I shudder to think about, as I was very picky.

I have a fickle stomach and anything spicier than ketchup is unacceptable. Most vegetables are not on my list either. Although I loved Mom’s spaghetti sauce, I hated tomatoes. (I don’t think I ever put the two together in my mind.) At some point in my 20s I tried a sliced tomato and realized it wasn’t bad. To this day most of my siblings assume I don’t eat tomatoes.

I don’t experiment much when it comes to most foods from other countries. So I surprised myself when I recently agreed to try some Turkish food. The new Turkish restaurant, Ala Turca, opened a little more than a year ago. It is run by a young couple from Turkey, Akin Ay and Birnur Itil. I ate shish kebab and a salad. I enjoyed the kebab very much and actually plan to return to the restaurant sometime soon. They are located at 691 Route 109, just west of the now defunct Blue Lagoon in West Babylon. Their phone number is 450-4478.

Akin Ay and Birnur Itil Akin Ay and Birnur Itil •I was surprised how quickly the snow melted this past week. I would have liked a day or so to see how pretty most things look when we have a fresh snowfall. I must have a thousand photos of a pair of cardinals against the snowy background. But I know most of you were sick of the snow by late Sunday, and welcomed the return of warmish weather. But you have to admit that Babylon looks great with a fresh coat of snow!

•I have to get out to explore the new shops that have recently opened in the Village. Edible Arrangements, a favorite of mine, just moved from Grove Place to East Main Street, a couple of stores west of Ferraro’s. I no longer send flowers to friends or relatives on sad or happy occasions. I send them something from Edible Arrangements, and always get rave reviews. They are now starting to carry less-expensive items as well.

•I finally went to see the new Star Wars movie, and have to say I enjoyed it. We saw it in regular film format and not one of the more elaborate versions, but it was excellent anyway!

•There has been little or no visible change in the appearance of the David Smith house on the corner of Deer Park and Ketewamoke avenues. The old house straddles the two remaining lots and Babylon Village has instructed the owner to move it to one lot or the other. A foundation has been put up for it close to Deer Park Ave but the owner has made no visible attempt to comply with the Village’s orders, and has made no effort to maintain the property. The Babylon Conservancy has offered to help find a buyer for the house, but how could anyone show the property the way it appears now? The Conservancy has twice found buyers and both times the owner has failed to cooperate. Now that the foundation is sitting in front of the old house it looks even worse. How long will the owners be allowed to go without obeying the Zoning Board’s orders to move and maintain the historical home?

•Happy birthday to Sue Berry! I always think of Sue because the groundhog celebrates the day as well!

•Don’t forget that the James Street Players is presenting “Marvelous WONDERETTES” for just this weekend (Friday and Saturday nights, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons). Tickets are $15. Call 631-649- 4140 for information and tickets!

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