2009-04-23 / Columnists

Mayor says Village is preparing for Spring; addressing other issues

The past few weeks have been very busy in Village Hall. A tremendous amount of time was spent preparing for next year's budget. At our annual budget meeting, we were happy to announce that we decreased expen­ditures by 8 percent from last year's budget. In these tough economic times, and in recognition of the dif­ficulties that many of our residents are experiencing, it was important for us to provide the taxpayers with such a budget. However, in light of recent opinions expressed about open gov­ernment,

it was disappointing that the only people at the budget hearing were two boy scouts fulfilling a badge requirement. I hope that more people will attend meetings in the future where they can have their questions answered and offer feedback to their elected officials. Springtime is preparation time. We have been busy preparing the Little League fields, golf course, play­grounds, planting areas, docks, boat berths, pool and parks. In addition, inspections are being made of side­walks and roads. If you have any con­cerns about the sidewalks or roads in your neighborhood, please call us so that we may take care of the issue. We also see many residents working on their property. I want to remind you that landscapers must have a permit and follow the guidelines of opera­Babylon tion. If you are doing renovations to your home, please contact the Build­ing Department regarding codes and permits. Boat berth applications are also being accepted for residents and non-residents. These can be obtained from the Village Clerk's Office. We are also preparing for summer employment. Each summer, we em­ploy Babylon Village youth at our recreation programs, pool, highway, greenhouse and parks. This is a won­derful opportunity that we provide for our young adults and have been very happy with the jobs that they perform. Aside from the routine meetings with staff and residents, I have been involved with various organizations and governments regarding issues in our community. We are currently in discussions with S.C. Leg. Wayne Horsley regarding a Downtown Revi­talization Grant which would provide free Wi-Fi access to certain portions of the community. In addition, I have had many inquiries from residents regarding the availability of Verizon Fios. I recently met with two repre­sentatives from Verizon who assured me that steps will be taken by the end of this year to bring this service to our community. I have also been meeting with the Long Island Rail­road

regarding reconstruction of one of their facilities in the vicinity of the golf course.

After a very long, cold winter, it is nice to see so many people out enjoy­ing the weather. I would like to re­mind everyone to please be consider­ate of their neighbors. I receive many phone calls regarding noise issues, speeding, garbage and dogs. Please remember that dogs must be leashed when they are in public and you must pick up after your dog. Due to many complaints regarding this issue, we will be providing dog waste disposal bags and additional garbage cans in Southards, Lewis Circle and Argyle Park. The stations will be installed by the end of the month.

Please call (669-1212) or email (rs­vob@ optonline.net) me regarding your questions, concerns and sugges­tions. Your input is vital to the con­tinued growth of our community.

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