2007-11-15 / Columnists

Dear Deer Park

by Joyce

•Noting the Brumidi Lodge, we attended an absolutely fantastic "Talent Show" there recently. The time, work, effort and professionalism were amazing. Chairs Lucille DiNardo and Lucille Romanello outdid themselves as did every performer with costumes Hollywood would have a difficult time matching. Kudos to all involved. You simply would be wowed by every act Lodge President Sonny Marigliano and Ladies Auxiliary President Carmel Lamont absolutely brought down the house with their musical act. There is an adoring public waiting with bated breath for an encore.

October birthday wishes to the following: •Newly wed to Kim, Brian Riordan was feted on Oct. 3 with family and friends.

•Sharing Oct. 4 with me is Susan Aukland Schoen, adored wife of Scott and daughter of Judy and Harald.

•Lion Gerard Rapuano, lovely Columbiette Past President Grace's loving hubby and a Savior. Millie Miller Brown's Barry, who bakes a divine bread. •Oct 6 marked Bea Lewanduski Lecesse's day with her car expert hubby Charlie and their college daughter, the talented Samantha.

•Oct. 10 was that guy with a great joke all the time Jerry Esposito, the beloved of the singing Marie.

Barbara Koferl Renz, the wife of the chocolate donut king, Richie, was the lady on Oct. 11. DPBPW Past Local and State President Maria Hernandezand the number one in Frank's heart was celebrating on the 12th with children Frank, Eric and Vanessa and Senora and Gucci. Warren McKeon was toasted on October 15 by his sweetheart Cissy and their children Heather and Matthew. Niece and cousin Allison Bartalsky follows on the 28th. Mary Bartalsky, the award winning decorator, has quite a few presents to create.

•Oct. 17 wishes to that always pleasant and smiling Terry Korencke.

•James Peter Boss, son of Chris and Linda Mastrocco Boss sand brother to Julia Ann, was number one on the 17th with his adoring family and friends. His mother Linda is renowned for her awardwinning Brumidi Sunshine Twirlers.

•Debbie DeLuca Florio, the love of OLOR Knights of Columbus' PG Knight Rocco, was the lady of the day on Oct. 20. Hope it was great and that a trip to Italy is being planned.

•Elena Marie Rudnicki, daughter of Peisker Post Corporation President Ed and his delightful wife Marie Elena and sister to Joseph, Edward and Kris Marie, will be the star of the day on Oct. 23. It is hard to believe that this stunningly superb dancer is already in college.

Anniversary joy to that incomparable duo Carol and Vinnie DiPasquale who are still newlyweds after 40- some years of wedded bliss. This duo are volunteers in so many areas in this community, such as the Lions' Past President, Knights of Columbus-Vinnie is Past Grand Knight, Columbiettes and Rosary Society at St. Cyril's for Carol, etc. etc.

•Hope Rosalie and Mike Marino had a marvelous anniversary on Oct. 9 with their lovely family - another set of "newlyweds" still after many wonderful years of marriage. Past Grand Knight Don and his Columbiette Kathy Doucette are celebrating several years of bliss on the 24th of October with family and friends.

•Oct. 25 marked 11 years of marriage for Eric and Kerrie Roberson with dinner with their adored Caitlin. Caitlin Elizabeth was our family's birthday darling on Oct. 8 with parties at school, after school and continuing to her religion class. Caitlin is the granddaughter of Ann Roberson and Mary Peisker.

Samantha Joy Quinn was a big one year of age on Oct. 6 enjoying pumpkin picking and a pretty pink and white cake. Samantha is the daughter of Troy and Amy Stein Quinn and granddaughter of Roy and Linda and Barbara and Marshall Stein and greatgranddaughter of Joseph (Oct. 24 birthday young man) and Louise Murdock. •To Monsignor Frank Gaeta of St. Cyril and Methodius and fellow Priests and Deacons - as always the Blessing of the Animals proved to be another huge success with the singing, the blessing, picture taking and refreshments for all.

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