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Deer Park NY, 11729

Deer Park NY, 11729

Like other communities on Long Island, Deer Park is served by volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel who are on hand, 24-hours a day, 7- days a week to secure the safety of their friends and neighbors.

Deer Park, a residential hamlet located on the northwest corner of the Town of Babylon, population 28,840, was first settled in 1666, headed by Jacob Conklin, an English settler. Named for its abundance of deer, the area was largely unsettled until a Revolutionary War general by the name of Casey constructed a resort in West Deer Park known as "Colonial Spring." After General Casey died in 1808, the resort became the Deer Park Hotel. The same building is now home to Our Lady of the Rosary Knights of Columbus, established in 1962.

Farming was a staple of this small town for most of its history. Known as the "fruit basket" of New York State, the area is also famed for its dahlia cultivation. It was not until the effects of the post-World War II boom reached Deer Park that its economy ceased to be agricultural.

Since the arrival of the railroad to Deer Park in 1842, the town has quickly developed into a populated, bustling area. In 1851, Deer Park had its first post office. Deer Park also became an industrial site, playing host to the Walker and Conklin Brick Works, as well as the Golden Pickle Company. By 1902, when the area’s first school was built, Deer Park was an established community, where beforehand it was a mere stretch of land.

There are many famous individuals who made Deer Park a part of their lives. It was the favorite summer spot of President John Quincy Adams, his favorite vacation destination from 1835 until his death. In fact, the James Quincy Adams Elementary School, opened in 1964, is located on the actual Adams estate. The area has also been visited by actor Alan Alda, Sen. Jacob Javits, Sen. Robert Kennedy, singer Ethel Merman, actor Donald O’Connor, and Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Comedian and nightclub owner Rodney Dangerfield was born and raised in Deer Park.

Shown is a shopping center on Route 231, Deer Park. A thriving business district joins North Babylon and Deer Park along Route 231.

Lovely landscaped homes help make Deer Park beautiful.

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