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Babylon, NY 11702

Babylon, NY 11702

Argyle Lake, Babylon, a favorite spot.

The Incorporated Village of Babylon, which is about two square miles in size, contains a little over 12,000 residents.

The community features locations such as Argyle Lake and its surrounding park, Southard’s Pond, and the municipal slips, private marinas and boatyards on the Great South Bay.

Also, a gazebo stands south of Argyle Lake and serves as a venue for free Friday night summer concerts and annual celebrations.

The Village also boasts of the three-building Presbyterian Church Complex (built gradually from 1783-1870), the Methodist Church (1850) and the Nathaniel Conklin House (1803). It has an active Historical Society, housed in a museum building; a Beautification Society, which undertakes numerous projects throughout the year, and other organizations that bring together the people of Babylon for community, and charitable causes.

Youngsters enjoy the tot lot at Argyle Lake park

At one time, Babylon Village had several hotels, the most famous of which was the Argyle Hotel. Wealthy residents of Brooklyn and New York City would make the trek from those urban communities to Babylon to spend summers there.

The Village is covered by the Babylon School District, has a library and thriving business community along Montauk Highway and Deer Park Avenue, which includes specialty shops, antique stores and restaurants.

Famous people who have lived in Babylon include architect and builder Robert Moses, who transformed Long Island’s infrastructure; Tom Bohrer, who won two Olympic silver medals in rowing and Bob Keeshan, a star on the ‘50s television show Captain Kangaroo.

Babylon Village's tree lined residential community is a much sought-after location to buy a home and raise a family.
Sunset on Argyle Lake, Babylon

Babylon Village business district; quaint and thriving.

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