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North Babylon, NY 11703

North Babylon, NY 11703

North Babylon High School.

The hamlet of North Babylon (pop: 18,081) has had a long and varying history. Once a piece of land composed of only a few farms sprinkled here and there, the hamlet would eventually become the preferred site for some of the most powerful millionaires in America. Four years before this popular yachting site would be incorporated into the Town of Babylon, August Belmont, a wealthy diplomat, chose this site in 1868 to construct his majestic 1100 acre mansion, complete with more than 30 buildings and hundreds of acres set aside to breed horses. This estate later went on to furnish several of the most storied horses in the history of racing. Belmont Park would later play host to both President Chester A. Arthur (as a fishing site) and the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War I, providing the grounds for Camp Dam. Since then, North Babylon has grown into a industrial community, thanks to the rapid population boom following the Second World War. Now, North Babylon’s economy is centered primarily on services.

The Belmonts were not the only power family to lay claim to North Babylon, however. Austin Corbin, the president of the Long Island Railroad, and Col. M. Robert Guggenheim, an industrialist and brother to the founder of Newsday, both resided in this section of the island.

An interesting landmark to be found on the grounds of the Belmont estate are two bona fide English ship cannons, which saw action in the Battle of Lake Erie, in which Mrs. August Belmont’s uncle, Commander Oliver Hazard Perry claimed victory. Buried beside these cannons is Mr. Belmont’s beloved dog.

North Babylon Middle School, an award winning marching band.
A great way to spend the day in North Babylon is to take the kids to Belmont Lake State Park.

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